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Star Wars and Sword of Terra

One of the inspirations for Sword of Terra has been the starship battles in Star Wars. Towards that end, I’ve recently been thinking about how ships from the Star Wars universe would be represented using Sword of Terra’s mechanics. In order to be able to represent ships from Star Wars, there are several technologies that […]

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Games I Want to Run

Like most game masters, I have a backlog of games that I’d love to have time to run. I’m not sure if I will actually manage to get around to all of them, but I should get a chance to run one once my current Dungeons & Dragons game wraps up (likely in a few months). […]

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Choose Your Fate

One of the mechanics I like a lot from the Star Wars Saga Edition game is the destiny mechanics.  The Saga Edition rules allow for a player and GM to agree on a destiny for a character and then the character can use Destiny Points to help in achieving its destiny.  A Destiny Point can […]

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Tales of an Ewok Jedi

Since PAX, I’ve been in the mood to play a Star Wars game.  Because I’m currently running my D&D 4E campaign, I don’t really have time to run a new campaign, but I’m hoping to run a Saga Edition game once my D&D story arc wraps up and have been reading through the rulebooks and […]


PAX Prime 2010

This last weekend, I attended PAX for the first time along with my wife and brother.  Overall, it was a great weekend filled with fun and games.  Here are a few notable highlights: Super Dungeon Explore While walking through PAX’s Hidden Level, my brother and I spotted two pieces of dungeon terrain with some great […]