Super Dungeon Explore

Let’s Party!

It’s taken me a much longer time than I originally expected, but I’ve finally finished painting the heroes of Super Dungeon Explore. While I’m disappointed its taken me so long to finish them, I’m quite happy with how they’ve turned out. The sculpts are what initially drew me to the game, and it was a lot […]


Glimm’s Wish List

It’s December now, so I’m sharing some of the gaming-related items on my holiday wish list. BattleTech:  A Time of War I’ve really enjoyed the current line of BattleTech rulebooks, so when Catalyst announced the street date for print versions of A Time of War it was immediately added to my wish list.  A Time of […]

Dungeons & Dragons News

The End of D&D Minis

It looks like Wizards of the Coast is discontinuing its support for the D&D Minis skirmish game.  They’ll still be making miniatures to support role-playing, but they won’t include skirmish rules any more.  My wife and I started playing the game after they updated the rules only about half a year ago.  We had a […]