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Game of the Month Backlog

In late 2011, I set out to try to play a different role-playing game each month. After playing each game, I planned to write about them on This is my Game. While I didn’t manage a game every month, I did play and write about 9 games: Dungeons & Dragons Basic, Technoir, BattleTech, Dungeon World, Icons, […]


October Games

For about a year, I’ve been trying to run a one-shot in a different role-playing game each month. I run these games online and I’m always open to new players. Because I don’t currently have an ongoing campaign, I’d like to try to run these one-shots more often for at least the next few months. […]

Game Design

Core Mechanics: Mixed Dice Probabilities

I’ve recently purchased both Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and Savage Worlds. One thing those two games have in common is that they both have mechanics where different sizes of dice are rolled against one another. In Savage Worlds this is generally a single die of each size, but for Marvel it is pools of dice of […]