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Game of the Month Backlog

In late 2011, I set out to try to play a different role-playing game each month. After playing each game, I planned to write about them on This is my Game. While I didn’t manage a game every month, I did play and write about 9 games: Dungeons & Dragons Basic, Technoir, BattleTech, Dungeon World, Icons, […]

Game Design

Core Mechanics: Hits, Misses, and Armor

Recently I’ve been thinking about attack and damage systems in role-playing games. In Dungeons & Dragons and many other games, there are separate to-hit and damage rolls. This setup allows for easy mechanical distinction between conditions that make an attack more accurate and those that make an attack more damaging. The flip side is that […]

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Iron Kingdoms Careers and AGE

As I mentioned in my Iron Kingdoms review, one of my favorite parts of the game is its character creation and advancement rules. In particular, I like the idea of choosing 2 careers which then determine your starting abilities and guide your advancement. A couple of weeks ago, my brain got stuck thinking about how […]

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Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game

I’ve been excited for the Iron Kingdoms RPG from Privateer Press for a while, and I finally managed to pick up a copy about a week ago. The Core Rules book is pretty hefty at 360 pages and has excellent production values. The book’s first 100 pages provide an overview of the Iron Kingdoms that […]