Dragon Age Game of the Month Warmachine

Game of the Month Backlog

In late 2011, I set out to try to play a different role-playing game each month. After playing each game, I planned to write about them on This is my Game. While I didn’t manage a game every month, I did play and write about 9 games: Dungeons & Dragons Basic, Technoir, BattleTech, Dungeon World, Icons, […]

Game of the Month

Game of the Month: Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the Gamerati Game Day in Tacoma, and played Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries for the first time. It is a GM-less role-playing game where the players cooperatively tell the story of a pulp-inspired expedition. The game is designed for expeditions set either in the Victorian era or […]

Dungeons & Dragons Game of the Month

Game of the Month: D&D Next

When the D&D Next playtest was first announced, I was eager to try it out and scheduled a session with my game-of-the-month group. Then the FAQ was posted with the ban on online games, and I had to cancel. Luckily that restriction was lifted in an update to the FAQ and the playtest was added back […]

Game of the Month Warhammer Warhammer 40k

Game of the Month: Deathwatch

It’s been a couple of months, but Game of the Month is back! A few weeks ago, my group got together for a game of Deathwatch. It is a game ser in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where the players take on the role of superhuman space marines tasked with protecting the Imperium of Man and assisting […]

Game of the Month Gamma World

Game of the Month: Gamma World

A giant two-headed spider, an anti-matter spewing treeman, a living gargoyle, and a robotic replica of Abraham Lincoln bravely ventured through the ruins of Sea-at-Ell to recover stolen medicine from a band of Caws. Along the way, they faced fishmen and their vicious flying fish minions near Pike Palace and fought off giant crabs as they crossed […]

Fate RPG Game of the Month

Game of the Month: Icons

Icons, a Fate-based superheroes game, was January’s game-of-the-month. It’s published by Adamant Entertainment and was designed by one of the designers of Mutants & Masterminds, another popular super hero RPG. Like other games using the Fate system, Icons has relatively light-weight and open-ended mechanics. Most actions are resolved by rolling 1d6-1d6, an alternative to using […]