Age of Terror: Winged Fiends

Winged fiends are small, flying demons that are most dangerous when swarming their victims. Some winged fiends, known as familiars, are imbued with sorcerous energies that give them unusual abilities. Winged Fiend Abilities (Focuses) 2Accuracy 0Communication -1Constitution 4Dexterity (Stealth) 2Fighting (Claws) 0Intelligence 2Perception (Hearing) -1Strength 0Willpower SpeedHealthDefenseArmor Rating 6 (16 flying)5140 WeaponAttack RollDamage Claws+41d6-1 Special … Continue reading Age of Terror: Winged Fiends

Living Bomb

Inspired by Final Fantasy and the Fourth of July, I've created a living bomb monster for Fantasy Age. They are elemental creatures of fire and destruction that resemble fireballs with malicious grins that drift through the air trailing tendrils of black smoke. Living bombs revel in spreading fiery destruction throughout the world. When their lives … Continue reading Living Bomb