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An Alternative Stunt Mechanic

Earlier this week, I had an idea for an alternative to the stunt mechanic in the AGE system that I’m interested in trying out at some point. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the AGE system, stunts are that system’s analog to critical hits and they are one of my favorite parts of […]

Dungeons & Dragons

Advantage & Disadvantage

One of the new mechanics in Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition is advantage and disadvantage. Advantage and disadvantage are used in many of the situations where third or fourth edition would have granted a +2 or -2 modifier on a roll. When a character has either advantage or disadvantage on a roll, they roll two […]

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AGE Dice Probabilities

Because I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about hacking the AGE system, I decided to dig into the probabilities involved in its dice mechanic. The AGE system uses a roll of 3d6 + ability versus a target number in order to determine whether actions are successful. Rolling 3d6 gives a distribution of results that is […]

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Black & White: A Dice Mechanic

For the past few months, I’ve had a few ideas for a game system bouncing around in my head. These are mostly just an exercise in brainstorming that has resulted from reading about some of the D&D Next mechanics. I don’t expect to put together an actual game, but I’ve liked a few of the ideas […]

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Cortex+ Dice Pool Helper

My post on probabilities of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying dice pools has gotten a lot of attention, so I’ve decided to share some code that can be used to compute the expected results of dice pools for Cortex+ games. The code is in C# and was written as a very basic console application that prints out the […]

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Core Mechanics: Mixed Dice Probabilities

I’ve recently purchased both Marvel Heroic Roleplaying and Savage Worlds. One thing those two games have in common is that they both have mechanics where different sizes of dice are rolled against one another. In Savage Worlds this is generally a single die of each size, but for Marvel it is pools of dice of […]