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Game of the Month Backlog

In late 2011, I set out to try to play a different role-playing game each month. After playing each game, I planned to write about them on This is my Game. While I didn’t manage a game every month, I did play and write about 9 games: Dungeons & Dragons Basic, Technoir, BattleTech, Dungeon World, Icons, […]

AGE Dragon Age

Assisting in Dragon Age

I ran my Diablo-themed hack of the AGE system a couple of weeks ago. It went well, but during a fight against the Butcher, the demon’s high armor rating posed a problem. While one warrior was able to consistently deal enough damage to make it through the armor rating, the rest of the group were lucky to manage […]

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Games I Want to Run

Like most game masters, I have a backlog of games that I’d love to have time to run. I’m not sure if I will actually manage to get around to all of them, but I should get a chance to run one once my current Dungeons & Dragons game wraps up (likely in a few months). […]