Dungeons & Dragons

Advantage & Disadvantage

One of the new mechanics in Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition is advantage and disadvantage. Advantage and disadvantage are used in many of the situations where third or fourth edition would have granted a +2 or -2 modifier on a roll. When a character has either advantage or disadvantage on a roll, they roll two […]

Gamma World

Glimm’s Gamma World Compilation

I’ve been meaning to collect all of my Gamma World pdfs into a single compilation for a while (it was in my list of goals for 2012 after all). I’ve finally managed to get the compilation pdf put together, so here it is for all your Gamma World needs: Also, I’d be interested in adding a […]

Dungeons & Dragons Game Mastering Random Ideas

Unstoppable Monsters

Recently I’ve been thinking about how the stories of various mediums and how those stories compare to the stories that role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons are designed to tell. One pattern that I’ve noticed, particularly in television shows, is that the heroes are often initially overwhelmed by a new villain and need to take time to […]

Dungeons & Dragons Game Design Random Ideas

Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Fighting Styles

Rock, paper, scissors is a simple game, but it can provide inspiration for more involved game mechanics. The first interesting concept is that each possible move is equal to the others. No matter whether you choose rock, paper, or scissors, you have the same odds of winning assuming that your opponent picks randomly. Second, the […]

Game Design

Core Mechanics: Hits, Misses, and Armor

Recently I’ve been thinking about attack and damage systems in role-playing games. In Dungeons & Dragons and many other games, there are separate to-hit and damage rolls. This setup allows for easy mechanical distinction between conditions that make an attack more accurate and those that make an attack more damaging. The flip side is that […]

Dungeons & Dragons News

D&D Classics

The long-awaited return of official Dungeons & Dragons pdf releases happened earlier this month. A selection of pdfs from all versions of D&D is now available on DriveThruRPG as well as a new D&D-only storefront called D&D Classics. While the initial selection is only about 80 books, additional D&D pdfs will be added to the store […]