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Gen Con: The Games

Last weekend I attended Gen Con for the first time and it was amazing. I’ll probably have to write a couple posts to capture all of my thoughts on the trip, so this one is going to focus on games I looked at, learned about, played, or bought at the con. D&D Next Most of the […]

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Game of the Month: D&D Next

When the D&D Next playtest was first announced, I was eager to try it out and scheduled a session with my game-of-the-month group. Then the FAQ was posted with the ban on online games, and I had to cancel. Luckily that restriction was lifted in an update to the FAQ and the playtest was added back […]

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On Skill Alone

One of the ideas from D&D Next that I find most interesting is what the designers are calling bounded accuracy. The basic idea is that the target numbers for rolls don’t scale with level. This means that a higher bonus means that a character has a higher chance of success and that roll difficulties can be based […]

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Divine Archetypes

Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about the cleric and paladin classes and how they fit into D&D. From a D&D Next point-of-view, it seems like the designers are trying to figure out what makes a paladin distinct from the cleric if they are both divine warriors. Historical Perspective Historically, the cleric class […]

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D&D News Reactions

Since the announcement of D&D Next earlier this month, there has been a flurry of news about D&D. I’ve held off on writing about the new edition because I wanted to avoid speculation, but as more details have come out, especially from D&D Experience last weekend, I feel more comfortable writing about it. But first, some […]