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Assisting in Dragon Age

I ran my Diablo-themed hack of the AGE system a couple of weeks ago. It went well, but during a fight against the Butcher, the demon’s high armor rating posed a problem. While one warrior was able to consistently deal enough damage to make it through the armor rating, the rest of the group were lucky to manage […]


October Games

For about a year, I’ve been trying to run a one-shot in a different role-playing game each month. I run these games online and I’m always open to new players. Because I don’t currently have an ongoing campaign, I’d like to try to run these one-shots more often for at least the next few months. […]

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Recent Projects

While I didn’t write as many posts as I’d like last month due to various non-gaming activities (work and a visit from my parents), that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on gaming projects. I’ve recently started writing two columns for other web sites – one on a different game each month and the other presenting […]