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  • ’Mech Manual: Thunderbolt TDR-5S

    The Thunderbolt TDR-5S was introduced in 2505 as an upgrade to the Capellan Confederation’s TDR-1C. It proved to be a popular design thanks to its rugged construction and ability to fill a range of battlefield roles. It spread throughout the Inner Sphere and Periphery during the Star League and remained in widespread use through the […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Commando COM-2D

    The Commando COM-2D was introduced by the Lyran Commonwealth during the Age of War as a reworking of the earlier COM-1D variant. It is a light striker that packs a lot of short-range firepower at the expense of mobility and armor protection. The COM-2D was the primary Commando variant used by the Lyran Commonwealth from […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Shadow Hawk SHD-2H

    The Shadow Hawk SHD-2H is a multi-role medium ’Mech that was introduced as a replacement for the Terran Hegemony’s earlier SHD-1R model. Its mix of weaponry gives it tools to use at any range, but it lacks focus to really excel against targets at any distance. The SHD-2H is a widely used design throughout history. […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Griffin GRF-1N

    The Griffin GRF-1N was introduced in 2492 during the Age of War. It was one of the earliest medium ’Mechs, and it makes an effective mobile fire support unit. During the Star League era, it proliferated throughout the Inner Sphere where it remained a widely used design until the Republic era when it was fully […] read more

  • ’Mech Manual: Wolverine WVR-6R

    The Wolverine WVR-6R was introduced in 2575 to serve the newly formed Star League. It was an upgrade to the earlier WVR-3R that had been built by the Federated Suns with less advanced technology during the Age of War. It was designed to serve as a heavy scout to combine speed with more armor and […] read more