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  • ’Mech Manual: Wolverine WVR-6R

    The Wolverine WVR-6R was introduced in 2575 to serve the newly formed Star League. It was an upgrade to the earlier WVR-3R that had been built by the Federated Suns with less advanced technology during the Age of War. It was designed to serve as a heavy scout to combine speed with more armor and […] read more

  • Sylvia the Ghostcaller

    When young Sylvia’s mother died, her agony channeled her magical potential and somehow managed to pull her mother’s spirit back into the world. Unfortunately, the resulting undead that formed was a twisted monster rather than a loving mother. Despite that initial horror, over the years she managed to refine her abilities and become a talented […] read more

  • Rosaline the Songbird

    Rosaline has learned to blend music and magic using the rare art of sonancy. Learning that school of magic from the few remaining tidbits of lore has been a challenge, but she has embraced adventure and found herself welcome across the southern kingdoms as a famed performer. When another wandering bard brought news of the […] read more

  • Felix the Gambler

    Ever since he first realized his potential to be a magician, Felix has been obsessed with fate and chance. Through subtle manipulations, he was able to bend the odds in his favor throughout his life. Gambling helped to fund an easy life, especially when a quick spell would let him influence the next roll of […] read more

  • Jack the Anarchist

    Jack was born from disaster. A wizard and his followers were lost in the depths below Felstad when they stumbled into an area infused with a long forgotten Distortionist spell. After the ancient magic unleashed its chaos, only the wizard was left standing. He was twisted by the energy his body had absorbed and emerged […] read more