Campaign Logs

For the campaigns that I’ve played since the release of Frostgrave Second Edition, I’ve written battle reports for each scenario as we’ve played through them.

The Druid and the Trickster

For our first campaign using Second Edition, we played through a range of scenarios pulled from the main rulebook, Into the Breeding Pits, Frostgrave Folio, and Spellcaster magazine.

The Red King

For our second campaign, we played the full campaign from The Red King that pitted both our warbands against a powerful demon invading the ruins of Felstad.

Quest for the Crystal Pool

Our third campaign is using Ghost Archipelago. Our two heritors are setting out in search of the legendary Crystal Pool.

Wednesday Wizards

These posts each contain a starting wizard and their warband for Frostgrave Second Edition. I occasionally compile these entries into a pdf collection.