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Monsters of Feyland

Monsters of Feyland is a collection of monsters from Cawood Publishing for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Its cover caught my eye while I was browsing DriveThruRPG recently and after taking a look at the preview, I decided to buy it. The book is 112 pages and contains about 100 monsters. Each monster has a […]

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Table of Ultimate Gaming

For some time, I’ve wanted a dedicated gaming room with a nice game table, but I didn’t have a spare room in my house. When I moved from Seattle to Raleigh, that changed. We were able to get a house with a spare room thanks to the lower real estate prices, and so my dream […]

Pathfinder Reviews

Dragon Kings World Book

Dragon Kings is a new fantasy setting written by Timothy Brown, one of the co-creators of the Dark Sun setting. The World Book is a system-agnostic presentation of the setting, but there are planned supplements with rules for Pathfinder, 13th Age, and Savage Worlds. The pdf is available on DriveThruRPG for $19.99 while a pre-order […]

Dragon Age Reviews

AGE Bestiary: Giants

AGE Bestiary: Giants is the latest pdf release for the AGE system from Green Ronin. It is a short pdf at only 6 pages of content, but it only costs $1.99. The first section of the pdf offers some very brief background material and game master advice. The background material really feels too brief to be useful, […]


Numenera: First Thoughts

I was one of the many backers of the Numenera kickstarter last year. I’ve enjoyed games by Monte Cook in the past including Dungeons & Dragons 3e and Arcana Evolved, and the concept of a far-future, technology-is-magic role-playing game sounded interesting. I got my pdf copies of the Core Book and Player’s Guide about two weeks ago and have been […]

BattleTech Reviews

BattleTech’s Dark Age

One of the great things about BattleTech is the way that its setting is handled. The game’s published setting started with the 3rd Succession War era where the five great powers of the Inner Sphere were fighting a low-level war consisting of border raids for food, supplies, and water. Then as new books have been […]