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Choose Your Fate

One of the mechanics I like a lot from the Star Wars Saga Edition game is the destiny mechanics.  The Saga Edition rules allow for a player and GM to agree on a destiny for a character and then the character can use Destiny Points to help in achieving its destiny.  A Destiny Point can […]

Game Mastering

Failure is Fun

Sometimes I want my players to fail.  Does that make me a bad game master? In books, comics, and movies, protagonists sometimes fail and when they do it tends to make the story much more interesting.  Not only does the occasional failure maintain suspense, but those failures open up story possibilities that wouldn’t otherwise be […]

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Off the Tracks

One of the hardest parts of running a role-playing game is when the players do something completely unexpected.  This can happen for a bunch of reasons – but it always means that the game master is stuck improvising in the short term and potentially having to rethink the plot of the campaign. In my current […]