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Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Fighting Styles

Rock, paper, scissors is a simple game, but it can provide inspiration for more involved game mechanics. The first interesting concept is that each possible move is equal to the others. No matter whether you choose rock, paper, or scissors, you have the same odds of winning assuming that your opponent picks randomly. Second, the […]

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D&D Classics

The long-awaited return of official Dungeons & Dragons pdf releases happened earlier this month. A selection of pdfs from all versions of D&D is now available on DriveThruRPG as well as a new D&D-only storefront called D&D Classics. While the initial selection is only about 80 books, additional D&D pdfs will be added to the store […]

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The End of the World

While our world hopefully isn’t ending any time soon, that doesn’t mean that your fantasy world can’t face its own apocalypse. How Does The World End? In a fantasy world, there are countless options for the end of the world. Here are three scenarios that you could use in your D&D campaign. The Dusk War […]

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Harrowing a Setting

One of the gaming items I purchased at Gen Con was the Pathfinder Harrow Deck. It is a deck of 54 cards that each feature a different name and image, such as The Queen Mother or The Empty Throne. These cards are intended to be similar to a Tarot deck’s major arcana and in Pathfinder’s campaign setting […]

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Gen Con: The Games

Last weekend I attended Gen Con for the first time and it was amazing. I’ll probably have to write a couple posts to capture all of my thoughts on the trip, so this one is going to focus on games I looked at, learned about, played, or bought at the con. D&D Next Most of the […]

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Game of the Month: D&D Next

When the D&D Next playtest was first announced, I was eager to try it out and scheduled a session with my game-of-the-month group. Then the FAQ was posted with the ban on online games, and I had to cancel. Luckily that restriction was lifted in an update to the FAQ and the playtest was added back […]