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I’ve been reading a lot of BattleTech books recently, and it struck me that there is a huge difference in how recent Dungeons & Dragons and BattleTech books present their rules and mechanics despite both being very rules-heavy, combat-focused games. One of the most noticeable difference is in the balance between the amount of story and rules material in […]

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Games I Want to Run

Like most game masters, I have a backlog of games that I’d love to have time to run. I’m not sure if I will actually manage to get around to all of them, but I should get a chance to run one once my current Dungeons & Dragons game wraps up (likely in a few months). […]

BattleTech Reviews


One of the games on my bookshelf is BattleTech.  It’s a strategy game where players control opposing forces of mechs, battle armor, tanks, helicopters, and other units.  It was originally developed by FASA, but the game has changed ownership several times and the books are now published by Catalyst Game Labs. How I Started Playing […]