Getting Started

If you’re looking to get started playing BattleTech, then these posts are for you. The first is a general getting started guide and the second covers some tactical advice.

BattleTech Fan Communities

MegaMek Unit Digest

I’ve built a site that has summaries of various units for BattleTech and their faction availabilities. The site is generated from MegaMek’s data files and currently includes ’Mechs, combat vehicles, aerospace fighters, and battle armor.

’Mech Manuals

I’m writing guides to various ’Mech designs with a focus on how to get the most out of them on the tabletop. The page below lists the published and scheduled guides.

Custom Units

The below posts contain custom units that I’ve created.

Battle Reports

These battle reports cover games that I’ve played recently. Each covers the forces involved, provides a little narrative background, and then covers how the battle played out on the table.