’Mech Manual: Ebon Jaguar B

Just before the Clan Invasion, Clan Smoke Jaguar created the Ebon Jaguar as an alternative to the Hellbringer. It makes use of lighter weight construction options in order to have more armor while managing to slightly increase the tonnage of weapons that it can carry as well.

The B configuration is an energy weapon setup that also carries an active probe and a target designator. That combination makes it an excellent choice for operating ahead of a main battle force where it can be cut off from supply trains or face ambush from hidden enemy positions.

During the Clan Invasion, the Ebon Jaguar propagated to all of the other Clans. Then with the spoils of Operation Bulldog, the Draconis Combine also gained access. During the Republic era, the OmniMech spread further and started to be used by the Capellan Confederation and Wolf’s Dragoons as well.

Read This First

  • Shooting all of your weapons will result in your ’Mech shutting down
  • Work as a sniper at range but stay mobile unless you find a good firing position that rivals the +2 to +3 target movement modifier you can achieve when moving
  • Fire the pulse lasers when targets are harder to hit, and the PPCs when you want to do more damage per hit

Ebon Jaguar B

  • Role: Sniper
  • Tech Base: Clan (3049)
  • Chassis: 65 tons (Endo Steel)
  • Movement: 5 / 8, XL
  • Armor: 182 (Ferro Fibrous)
  • Heat Sinks: 13 (26)
  • Weapons:
    • ER PPC × 2
    • Large Pulse Laser × 2
    • Medium Pulse Laser × 2
  • Equipment:
    • Active Probe
    • TAG
  • Design Quirks:
    • Narrow/Low Profile
  • Cost: 18,756,031 C-Bills
  • Battle Value: 2,535


With 5 walking MP and 8 running MP, the Ebon Jaguar has good mobility for a heavy ’Mech. When running that means it can reach a +3 target movement modifier. The B configuration does not have any jump jets so rough terrain can easily slow it down and reduce its ability to evade fire.


The Ebon Jaguar B is a mixed bag for durability. It has below average armor protection for a 65-ton ’Mech. The Narrow/Low Profile quirk can extend that coverage though, especially if the Ebon Jaguar’s MechWarrior is able to make it a difficult target. The B configuration also avoids including any explosive components, so critical hits are less likely to take it out of a fight.


The B configuration packs two large energy weapons in each arm and then a pair of medium pulse lasers in its torso. The ER PPCs can reach targets at up to 23 hexes and the Large Pulse Lasers at 20 hexes. This combination of weaponry also means that the Ebon Jaguar B has the potential to deal 64 damage in an alpha strike.

With its long-range weapons, the B configuration is well suited to working as a mobile sniper and staying about 14 hexes away from its opponents while using its relatively good speed to make itself a difficult target. None of its weapons suffer from a minimum range penalty, but getting closer means that it can be an easier target to hit for its opponents, especially when they are equipped with short-ranged weapons.

Maximum and Expected Damage

With its biggest weapons mounted in arms that can be flipped, the B configuration can deliver damage in any direction. Only the medium pulse lasers have a more restricted firing arc.

Maximum Damage for Firing Arcs

None of the B configuration’s weapons require ammunition, so the only reason for a MechWarrior to hold fire is heat management.

Heat Management

On the topic of heat, there is no way for the B configuration to effectively use all of its weapons. Firing everything will generate 58 heat points of which its heat sinks will only dissipate 26, leaving it with 32 excess heat points and an automatic shutdown.

At long ranges, a MechWarrior can choose from a few firing options. Against a harder to hit target, the accuracy of the pulse lasers may make them the best option since the Ebon Jaguar can stay cool and a hit for 10 damage is always better than a miss that could have been 15 damage. If a target is easier to hit though, then a MechWarrior can fire the PPCs instead and then switch back to the pulse lasers the following turn to cool back off.

When targets are closer, the medium pulse lasers can be fired with the larges. That will overheat the ’Mech slightly, so a MechWarrior will need to occasionally hold fire with one of their large lasers or both mediums in order to manage their heat level.

Heat-Adjusted Maximum and Expected Damage


With its armament, a MechWarrior in an Ebon Jaguar B should try to keep their distance rather than getting within arm’s reach of enemies. Its arms lack lower actuators, so any punches it throws are less accurate and can only deal 4 damage. The tradeoff for that is giving up on two large weapons that could deal 25 damage, but the heat issues do mean that firing with one arm and punching with the other isn’t terrible. Even with that taken into account, kicking for 13 damage will almost always be a better choice.

OmniMech Chassis

As an OmniMech, the Ebon Jaguar can be reconfigured between missions. It has an impressive 30 tons of capacity with an acceptable number of crit slots in its arms and side torsos.

Capacity30 tons
Center Torsonone
Right Torso9 slots
Left Torso8 slots
Right Arm6-8 slots
Left Arm6-8 slots
Right Legnone
Left Legnone

The Ebon Jaguar can carry mechanized battle armor into a fight. It has decent speed and its weapon arrangement means that the suits block only a small portion of its firepower from being used. That said, the B configuration generally wants to operate as a mobile sniper so it isn’t a great choice for carrying a unit to deliver in the thick of an enemy position. A MechWarrior who prefers to operate from a protected position rather than staying mobile could carry a unit of bodyguards that can then help discourage enemy units from getting close.

Other Capabilities

The B configuration of the Ebon Jaguar includes both an Active Probe and a TAG system. The Active Probe allows for locating hidden units and if optional rules are used it can reduce the impact of it fighting in woods. The TAG allows for the Ebon Jaguar’s MechWarrior to designate targets for guided Arrow IV missiles once an opponent has proven themselves unworthy of zellbrigen.

Cost & Upkeep

With an XL engine and other advanced construction materials, the Ebon Jaguar is expensive. The B configuration does minimize ongoing costs by not requiring any ammunition.

When using the Warchest Point system, these are the expected costs for the Ebon Jaguar B:

ActionClan CostInner Sphere Cost
Purchase1,300 SP2,600 SP
Armor Repair65 SP130 SP
Structure Repair130 SP260 SP
Reconfigure16 SP33 SP


The Clan Heavy Battle Star force pack includes a plastic miniature for the Ebon Jaguar Prime. That mini can be used to represent any configuration of the Ebon Jaguar.


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By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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