Scenario: We Meet at Dawn

For ’Mech Brawl 3030’s third scenario, I wanted to make use of the hidden unit rules. I feel like those rules are underused in BattleTech games and they can add some interesting options. When I was thinking about how to justify both sides having hidden units, I came up with the idea of units sneaking forward in the night and then the battle starting as the sun rises.

The hidden units can be used a couple of different ways in the scenario. A player might opt to just have their shorter-range units deployed as hidden and then leave their hiding spots early to attack. Alternatively, a player can hold units in reserve longer in hopes of an ambush as their opponent’s units advance.

This scenario also provides players with an incentive to include a ’Mech with the Improved Sensors quirk or prototype EW Equipment for Capellan Confederation forces since those are the only units that will be able to detect hidden units at range.

Scenario 3: We Meet at Dawn

In We Meet at Dawn, the player forces have each pushed into no-man’s-land during the night in preparation for fresh fighting once the sun rises. This scenario allows players to make use of hidden deployment to attempt to ambush their opponent.


Choose two 17 × 15 mapsheets and lay them out so that they meet on their long sides forming a 17 × 31 battlefield. Alternatively, a single 17 × 31 mapsheet or BattleMat can be used.


The two players roll off and the player with the highest roll is the Attacker. The other player is the Defender. The Attacker chooses a short edge of the battlefield to be their home edge. The opposite edge is the Defender’s home edge.

Before the first turn of the battle, each player can deploy up to half of their force by Battle Value as hidden units. Each hidden unit must be within 14 hexes of the controlling player’s home edge. The players must write down the hex and facing for each hidden unit.

The players move the rest of their forces on to the battlefield from their home edge during the first turn’s Movement Phase.

Scenario Rules

During the first three turns of this scenario, the Full Moon Night rules (BMM p.62, TO:AR p.56) are in effect. This adds a +1 MP cost per hex that can be avoided with reckless movement or a searchlight. A +2 target number modifier is also added to all weapon attacks against targets that are not illuminated.

During the fourth turn and later, the rules for Dusk/Dawn (BMM p.62, TO:AR p.56) are in effect. This adds a +1 target number modifier to all weapon attacks.

At the end of each turn, if all of a player’s non-hidden units are destroyed or suffering from crippling damage, then the player must reveal one of their hidden units.

Victory Conditions

At the end of the turn, a player wins the game if all of their enemy’s units have been destroyed or crippled and they have at least one unit that has not been destroyed or crippled. If at the end of a turn all units on both sides have been destroyed or crippled, then the game is a draw.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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