Scenario: Line of Battle

After force-building requirements and additional rules, the last element for the ’Mech Brawl 3030 format is scenarios. When I started working on the format, I knew that I wanted several scenarios for it. Ideally these would offer players a decent amount of variety for games and give different ’Mech designs a chance to shine.

The first scenario serves as the baseline. It doesn’t introduce any special rules and has the same objective most casual BattleTech games use: defeating the enemy force. The format’s use of forced withdrawal does mean that it won’t necessarily be a fight until all of the enemy units are destroyed though.

Scenario 1: Line of Battle

In Line of Battle, both forces are pushing forward along a broad front in an effort to crush their enemies and open a hole in the opposing line.


Choose two 17 × 15 mapsheets and lay them out so that they meet on their long sides forming a 17 × 31 battlefield. Alternatively, a single 17 × 31 mapsheet or BattleMat can be used.


The two players roll off and the player with the highest roll is the Attacker. The other player is the Defender. The Attacker chooses a long edge of the battlefield to be their home edge. The opposite edge is the Defender’s home edge.

The players move their forces on to the battlefield from their home edge during the first turn’s Movement Phase.

Scenario Rules

This scenario does not use any special rules.

Victory Conditions

At the end of the turn, a player wins the game if all of their enemy’s units have been destroyed or crippled and they have at least one unit that has not been destroyed or crippled. If at the end of a turn all units on both sides have been destroyed or crippled, then the game is a draw.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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