’Mech Manual: Turkina E

The E configuration of the Turkina was introduced during the Jihad in order to make use of the new hyper-assault gauss rifle. It pairs one of those new weapons with six Streak SRM 6 launchers to pack a devastating amount of firepower.

Since its introduction, the E configuration has been adopted by every faction that fields the Turkina. At the dawn of the ilClan era, that means that it can be found amongst Clan Jade Falcon, Clan Hell’s Horses, Clan Protectorate, Clan Sea Fox, Rasalhague Dominion, Scorpion Empire, and Wolf’s Dragoons forces.

Read This First

  • Use your jump jets to get into a protected firing position and then open up
  • Ideally, you want to fight at ranges of 3-8 hexes, but you still have a long reach thanks to your HAG
  • You lack weapons that deal damage in big hits, but can throw out a ton of damage clusters to score critical hits
  • You can safely fire everything without worrying about heat, but in longer engagements, you might need to watch your HAG ammo supply
  • Your insides are explosive, so be careful about exposing yourself to damage when your armor is low on your legs or right arm

Turkina E

  • Role: Juggernaut
  • Tech Base: Clan (3070)
  • Chassis: 95 tons
  • Movement: 3 / 5, XL
    • Jumping: 3
  • Armor: 288
  • Heat Sinks: 15 (30)
  • Weapons:
    • HAG 40 (ammo: 12)
    • Streak SRM 6 × 6 (ammo: 60)
  • Equipment:
    • CASE
  • Design Quirks:
    • Easy to Pilot
  • Cost: 27,349,969 C-Bills
  • Battle Value: 3,147


The Turkina OmniMech chassis is more mobile than many other assault ’Mechs thanks to its integral jump jets. Its maximum running speed of 5 MP is just fast enough to be able achieve a +2 target movement modifier, and it can hit the same modifier when jumping 3 hexes. Generally, that means a Turkina is as well off defensively in good terrain as it would be trying to be evasive.


The Turkina is built to be durable. It carries just shy of the maximum armor for its 95-ton chassis. Unfortunately, the E configuration packs a lot of explosive components into its interior. Integral CASE prevents such an explosion from spreading, but the sudden loss of a side torso or leg to an ammo explosion can significantly impact its performance. The side torsos both have 8% of their slots filled with SRM ammo, the legs both have 17% of their slots also packed with missiles, and then the right arm has 83% of its crit slots occupied by an explosive hyper-assault gauss rifle.


Between its HAG and a half-dozen Streak SRMs, the Turkina E can inflict over 100 points of damage. The HAG provides reach out to longer ranges than an LRM can reach, while the SRMs come into play at 12 hexes. With the large investment into Streak SRMs, a MechWarrior wants to be firing at targets within that 12 hex range and ideally within 8 hexes. The minimum range on the HAG does mean that the design loses some effectiveness at 1-2 hexes.

Maximum and Expected Damage

One quirk of the weapons of the Turkina E is that despite its damage output, it tends to spread that damage out over its entire target. The largest damage cluster that it deals is 5 points, so it is not good at quickly punching through the armor in a location. On the other hand, it can excel at exploiting crits since it can deal a potential of 8 5-point clusters and 36 2-point clusters. That’s enough hit location rolls that it can excel at scoring critical hits on its opponents.

The E configuration spreads out its weapons between its arms and torsos. The HAG is in the right arm, and there are 2 SRM launchers in each of the side torsos and the left arm. In case something gets behind it, the E configuration can also flip its arms to fire the HAG and a third of its SRMs into its rear arc.

Maximum Damage for Firing Arcs

All of the Turkina E’s weapons need ammunition. It has 12 shots for its HAG and 10 for each of the SRM launchers. The Streak systems not firing when they will miss means that it can stretch those 10 shots per launcher much further than the length of any battle. The HAG is more likely to run out, but its dozen shots are still generally going to last through most engagements.

Heat Management

In theory, the Turkina E can overheat, but in practice that is unlikely to happen. If it fires every weapon and jumps, it can generate 33 points of heat. With 15 double heat sinks, it will dissipate 30 of that and gain 3 heat points. The Streak launchers only generate heat when they actually fire though, so most of the time even if it attempts to fire everything, it will not overheat at all.

Heat-Adjusted Maximum and Expected Damage


While the E configuration should be fighting at fairly short ranges, its MechWarrior will generally not want to close to melee distances. It lacks lower arms, so its punches are inaccurate and only can deal 5 damage each. If it does find itself at point-blank range, a kick for 19 damage is a better choice.

OmniMech Chassis

The Turkina has a lot of pod-space for weapons, but it also is less flexible than it could be as an OmniMech. Its three jump jets are not pod-mounted and so they cannot be removed or swapped for improved versions. It also has 15 of its heat sinks included in its base chassis even though two of them take up valuable critical slots in its side torsos.

Capacity42 tons
Head1 slot
Center Torso1 slot
Right Torso5 slots
Left Torso5 slots
Right Arm8-10 slots
Left Arm8-10 slots
Right Leg2 slots
Left Leg2 slots

As an OmniMech, the Turkina E can carry a unit of battle armor. Its slow speed makes it a poor option to serve as a transport to get the battle armor to a particular objective. Instead, it can transport a unit to its preferred firing position and then unload them to have them act as a bodyguard unit against light flankers.

Cost & Upkeep

The Turkina E is a Clan frontline design, and its price tag reflects that. In addition to its upfront cost, it can easily go through several tons of ammunition each time it sees battle.

When using the Warchest Point system, these are the expected costs for the Turkina E:

ActionClan CostInner Sphere Cost
Purchase1,900 SP3,800 SP
Armor Repair95 SP190 SP
Structure Repair190 SP380 SP
Reload40-60 SP80-120 SP
Reconfigure24 SP48 SP


The plastic Turkina Prime miniature from the Clan Heavy Battle Star force pack works well to represent the Turkina E or any other configuration.


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By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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