How I Paint: Clan Jade Falcon Delta Galaxy

For my Clan Jade Falcon force, I decided to go with the Delta Galaxy color scheme. The green and yellow are iconic enough to be instantly recognizable as Jade Falcons. I wanted my force to span from the Clan Invasion era up to at least the end of the Dark Ages, and Delta Galaxy works well for that since it was part of the initial invasion and is still active right up to the fighting on Terra in 3151.

In general, for my BattleTech miniatures, I use a pretty simple technique that gets me to a nice quality level for using them on the tabletop. For most of them, I start with a grey spray coat. Then, I paint the primary color(s) for the scheme, then apply a wash over the entire miniature, then paint the raised panels in the primary color(s) again. After that, a bit of highlighting and the details, like energy weapon colors and the cockpit glass, are added.

For Clan Jade Falcon’s Delta Galaxy, I ended up using the following process:

  1. Paint Warboss Green with Yriel Yellow accent panels
  2. Wash with Nuln Oil
  3. Layer raised green armor panels with Warboss Green
  4. Layer yellow armor panels with Yriel Yellow
  5. Edge highlight green panels with Skarsnik Green
  6. Edge highlight yellow panels with Flash Gitz Yellow

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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