Jungle of Skulls

Due to various things keeping us busy, it has been a while since the first game of our Ghost Archipelago campaign. Because it had been months since our last game, we decided to use the standard game setup again. I had built some more jungle terrain and expanded our available bestiary a bit since our first game though.

The Crews


  • Theofanis the Heritor
  • Ishaastal the Wave Warden
  • Diego the Guide
  • Eckhart the Crossbowman
  • Kamal the Man-at-Arms
  • León the Crewman (hand weapon)
  • Mahesh the Crewman (two-handed weapon)
  • Rasheed the Tomb Robber
  • Themba the Crewman (hand weapon and shield)
  • Valérian the Crewman (hand weapon)


  • Jean-Phillipe the Heritor
  • Amina the Earth Warden
  • Anton the Crossbowman
  • Ariel the Pearl Diver
  • Carlos the Herbalist
  • Ivan the Crewman (hand weapon)
  • Nikolas the Crewman (two-handed weapon)
  • Petar the Crewman (hand weapon)
  • Yosef the Crewman (hand weapon and shield)
  • Youri the Crewman (two-handed weapon)
  • Klaas the Infantryman – Badly Injured

The Battle

Both heritors started the battle by leading their warbands towards the central treasure. Jean-Phillipe used his Trickshot power in order to shoot Kamal and leave the man-at-arms wounded. Ishaastal cast a spell to create a pool of water near the central treasure, but then Amina used Earth Wave to pull the treasure around the pool and closer to Jean-Phillipe’s approaching crew. Ariel and Yosef both managed to reach other treasures and pick them up. Jean-Phillipe’s one bit of bad luck was that a skeleton emerged from the jungle just behind his crew, but Petar quickly dispatched it.

Theofanis continued to lead his warband forward to contest the central treasure. In response, Jean-Phillipe took out Mahesh and then took cover behind one of the rock formations. Nikolas was able to reach and pick up the central treasure, but Ishaastal conjured a tendril of water that reached out from the pool and took down the crewman. Amina again cast Earth Wave to pull the treasure out from under Nikolas’s unconscious body and towards another of Jean-Phillipe’s crewmen who then picked it up. Eckhart shot his crossbow across the battlefield and hit Yosef. Diego then tried to finish off Yosef with his bow but missed his shot. Rasheed then picked up the last unclaimed treasure. Two more skeletons then wandered into the area but were thankfully far enough away from the fighting to not pose a threat.

The central treasure was beginning to get out of reach for Theofanis, but he pushed forward anyways. Along with two of his crew, he surrounded Youri and quickly cut him down. Amina cast Projectile, but then she missed with the enchanted stone. Diego took another shot at Yosef and this time his arrow knocked him to the ground. While Carlos moved to pick up the treasure Yosef dropped, Anton took out Diego with his crossbow. Seeking to stop the crossbowmen, Themba climbed up the crag that Anton was shooting from.

Wanting to avoid losing any more of his crew, Theofanis gave up on the central treasure. Other than Themba and Anton, the warbands began to fall back to their respective territories. After failing to connect with his first attack, Themba wounded Anton on his second attempt. At that point, the last treasures were secured, and Themba left the wounded crossbowman to rejoin the rest of his crew.

The Aftermath


After the battle, Diego recovered from his injuries, but Mahesh passed away. Theofanis pulled Afzal from his ship’s crew to join him on future expeditions. The treasures that the crew grabbed amounted to 150 gold coins. Experience from the battle allowed Theofanis to increase his health and Ishaastal to become a more capable fighter.


Injuries took a bigger toll on Jean-Phillipe’s crew with both Yosef and Youri passing away. Klaas had finished recovering from his wounds in the first game, so he rejoined the crew. Then Jean-Phillipe pulled two new crewmen into his active group. The three treasures contained Boots of Swimming, Gloves of Climbing, and 140 gold coins. Experience from this game allowed Jean-Phillipe to improve both his shooting skill and health. Amina used her experience to improve her ability to cast Projectile.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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