’Mech Manual: Mist Lynx T

The T configuration of the Mist Lynx was introduced during the Dark Age as an update to the older Prime configuration. The chassis and configuration are manufactured and sold by Clan Sea Fox which has made it available to every Clan in the Inner Sphere as well as mercenary forces.

Read This First

  • You need to use your mobility to stay alive since your armor is too thin to stop many weapons
  • When scouting, stay at longer ranges and skirmish with your LRMs
  • When striking, make fast passes and fire everything at shorter ranges
  • You are a good choice to use for delivery of battle armor
  • Your ECM and active probe let you spot hidden enemies and disrupt enemy electronics

Mist Lynx T

  • Role: Scout
  • Tech Base: Clan (3142)
  • Chassis: 25 tons (Endo Steel)
  • Movement: 7 / 11, XL
    • Jumping: 6
  • Armor: 67 (Ferro Fibrous)
  • Heat Sinks: 10 (20)
  • Weapons:
    • LRM 10 (ammo: 12)
    • SRM 4 (ammo: 25)
    • ER Small Laser × 2
  • Equipment:
    • ECM Suite
    • Active Probe
    • CASE
  • Design Quirks:
    • Improved Sensors
    • Narrow/Low Profile
  • Cost: 5,054,948 C-Bills
  • Battle Value: 971


The Mist Lynx has above average mobility for a light ’Mech. On the ground, it can walk 7 hexes or run 11. It is also equipped with 6 jump jets to allow it to bypass rough terrain. That allows it to reach a +3 target movement modifier when walking or jumping and a +4 modifier when running.


The Mist Lynx relies on its speed rather than armor to stay in the fight. It has below average armor for its tonnage with only 75% of what its chassis could carry. The torso and head locations are relatively well armored compared to its limbs where a single hit from an Inner Sphere medium laser will melt all of the armor. The Narrow/Low Profile quirk does stretch those armor points out a bit, especially is the MechWarrior can maintain a high target movement modifier to increase the proportion of hits that end up being glancing blows.

The T configuration’s missile focused armament means that it carries two tons of explosive armor in its arms. The left arm has 17% of its slots as explosive and the right arm has 13%. Both of those locations are protected by CASE though, and given the low overall durability, the chance of ammo explosion does not take away much from the ability of the arms to survive damage.


Like the Mist Lynx Prime, the T configuration is built around a mix of missiles. The LRM 10 gives the configuration the ability to start engaging enemies at 21 hexes, and then the SRM 4 and small lasers nearly triple its potential damage output at shorter ranges.

Maximum and Expected Damage

With its thin armor, the Mist Lynx is best suited to maintaining range and using its LRM so that it can be a difficult target. When a MechWarrior does need to focus on dealing more damage, they should aim to get within 4 hexes so that they can make good use of their small lasers.

All of the T configuration’s weapons are mounted in its arms for good firing arcs. The LRM 10 is in the left and with the rest of the weapons in the right.

Maximum Damage for Firing Arcs

The T configuration’s missile weapons are dependent on ammunition, but a ton of ammunition for each should be enough for most engagements.

Heat Management

The T configuration’s 10 double heat sinks are enough to keep it cool even when firing all of its weapons and jumping. Outside of engine damage and extreme environments, a MechWarrior in one should never need to hold back due to heat.

Heat-Adjusted Maximum and Expected Damage


At only 25-tons, the Mist Lynx is not particularly threatening in a brawl. The T configuration does retain full sets of arm actuators so that it can punch for 3 damage. It can also kick for 5 damage. Against anything but the lightest of targets, that is not enough to be threatening.

OmniMech Chassis

The Mist Lynx is an OmniMech, so it can have its configuration changed between battles. With endo steel, ferro fibrous armor, and an XL engine, it has a very limited budget of criticals for pod-mounted equipment outside of its arms. Its jump jets and active probe are also fixed equipment, so it is less flexible than some other light OmniMechs.

Capacity7.5 tons
Center Torsonone
Right Torso2 slots
Left Torsonone
Right Arm6-8 slots
Left Arm6-8 slots
Right Leg1 slot
Left Leg1 slot

As an OmniMech, the Mist Lynx can carry a unit of battle armor. With its great maneuverability and arm-mounted weapons, the T configuration is a good option for fast delivery of battle armor. The battle armor also has a chance of absorbing hits before they are deployed which can result in the Mist Lynx surviving a hit that would otherwise have blasted right through its own thin armor.

Other Capabilities

The Mist Lynx chassis has a built-in active probe. Combined with the Improved Sensors quirk, this makes it great at uncovering hidden enemies in any scenario using them.

The T configuration also adds an ECM suite. This can boost the Mist Lynx’s durability a little by countering Artemis systems. More important, it can disrupt enemy C3 networks, and the fast Mist Lynx can easily maneuver to get enemy command units with the main C3 computer into its ECM bubble.

Cost & Upkeep

While light, the Mist Lynx is relatively expensive thanks to its advanced Clan construction materials. It also depends on a steady supply of ammunition for its missile weapons. That will generally mean it needs a new ton of LRMs every engagement and new SRMs every other.

When using the Warchest Point system, these are the expected costs for the Mist Lynx T:

ActionClan CostInner Sphere Cost
Purchase500 SP1,000 SP
Armor Repair25 SP50 SP
Structure Repair50 SP100 SP
Reload10-20 SP20-40 SP
Reconfigure6 SP13 SP


The plastic Mist Lynx Prime in the Clan Command Star force pack also matches the T configuration.


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By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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