A New Wave of BattleTech Miniatures

Between the official update to BattleTech’s upcoming releases and pictures from the KerenskyCon event, there have been a lot of previews for what’s coming for the game during the rest of 2022 and into 2023. There are a lot of cool things there, so I suggest reading the post and checking out the photos if you haven’t yet. For this post, I’m going to focus on the miniatures, but that doesn’t mean the novels, sourcebooks, and other games in the announcement aren’t exciting too.

Alpha Strike Box Set

For me, this was the biggest surprise of the product announcement post. Years ago, an Alpha Strike box was talked about and then seemingly was abandoned. I think it’s great to see it back and on the schedule for later this year. Alpha Strike is a great play option, and I think the combination of the new miniatures and more interest in BattleTech in general is a great opportunity for the game.

The box contents look like enough for two players to get started. It will feature 13 miniatures including two new designs and seven new variants. Based on the previews and the box’s cover art, I think this is the contents of the box. The variants listed are my best guesses based on the pictures of the miniatures.

  • Locust LCT-3M
  • Wasp WSP-3W
  • Blackjack BJ-3
  • Phoenix Hawk PXH-1
  • Wraith TR1
  • Archer ARC-5R
  • Warhammer WHM-6R
  • Atlas AS7-S
  • Fire Moth D
  • Pouncer Prime
  • Nova Prime
  • Timber Wolf Prime
  • Warhawk C

In addition to the miniatures, this box will include cardboard trees and buildings that players can use for terrain. That should mean that the box really does have enough for a pair of new players to get started playing right away.

New Beginner Box

In the KerenskyCon photos, a new Beginner Box is shown off. It looks like it will be switching from a Wolverine to a Vindicator while keeping the Griffin as the second miniature. This seems like a good move to let players who buy both the Beginner Box and Game of Armored Combat avoid a duplicate, but it does mean I’m probably going to end up buying at least one more Beginner Box in order to get a Vindicator.

Mercenary Force Packs

The Mercenary Force Packs look like they’ll be continuing the trend of the Wolf’s Dragoons Assault Star and featuring a mix of reposed miniatures, new variants, and new ’Mechs. This new set of announced boxes also include one jumping ’Mech mini each. These are going to be exclusive to certain stores or distribution partners, so they’re likely to be a little harder to find than normal releases, especially for fans outside of the USA. In the lists below, the variants are my best guesses based on the pictures that have been previewed.

  • Eridani Light Horse Hunter Lance (Barnes & Noble, Fall 2022)
    • Thunderbolt TDR-5SE, jumping
    • Cyclops CP-11-A
    • Banshee BNC-3S
    • Sagittaire SGT-8R
  • Hansen’s Roughriders Battle Lance (Alliance, Fall 2022)
    • Hatchetman HCT-6D, jumping
    • Enforcer ENF-5D
    • Penetrator PTR-4D
    • Atlas AS7-D
  • Northwind Highlanders Command Lance (ACD, Fall 2022)
    • Grasshopper GHR-5J
    • Warhammer WHM-7S
    • Gunslinger GUN-1ERD
    • Highlander HGN-732, jumping
  • Kell Hounds Striker Lance (CGL web store, Fall 2022)
    • Wolfhound WLF-1
    • Nightsky NGS-4S
    • Griffin GRF-3M
    • Crusader CRD-5M, jumping
  • Gray Death Legion Heavy Battle Lance (Barnes & Noble, Spring 2023)
    • Shadow Hawk SHD-2H, jumping
    • Catapult CPLT-K2K
    • Gargoyle C
    • Regent Prime

Mercenaries Kickstarter

In the Fall, CGL will be running another Kickstarter campaign for BattleTech. According to the preview this will include more than 50 new miniatures including both ’Mechs and vehicles. I’m especially excited for the new plastic vehicles since I enjoy playing with combined arms. I’m also crossing my fingers for more battle armor and some conventional infantry, but so far, I haven’t seen anything saying those are in the works.

Between the upcoming releases update and the minis shown at KerenskyCon, here’s what we’ve seen so far:

  • Flea
  • Locust IIC
  • Firefly
  • Jenner IIC
  • Firestarter
  • Ostscout
  • Assassin
  • Cicada
  • Griffin IIC
  • Hermes II
  • Shadow Hawk IIC
  • Starslayer
  • Hoplite
  • Scorpion
  • Ostroc
  • Ostsol
  • Quickdraw
  • Rifleman IIC
  • Caesar
  • Black Python / White Raven
  • Goliath
  • Phoenix Hawk IIC
  • Bane
  • Devastator
  • Skulker Wheeled Scout Tank
  • Warrior Attack Helicopter
  • Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
  • Maxim Hover Transport
  • SRM Carrier (mentioned in preview, no images yet)
  • LRM Carrier (mentioned in preview, no images yet)
  • Demolisher Heavy Tank
  • Ontos Heavy Tank

In addition to those, there are some more designs that have been included in Recognition Guides or previewed on Anthony Scroggins’ Patreon. Some of these could end up as part of the Kickstarter too:

  • Atlas II (might just have been the sculpt for the metal mini)
  • Behemoth Heavy Tank
  • Charger
  • Clint
  • Condor
  • Dervish
  • Glass Spider
  • Grand Crusader / Star Crusader
  • Grizzly
  • Hetzer
  • Highlander IIC
  • Icarus II
  • Inner Sphere Standard Battle Armor
  • JagerMech
  • Javelin
  • Manticore
  • MASH Truck
  • Merlin
  • Mobile HQ
  • Mobile Long Tom
  • Nexus / Star Python
  • Patton
  • Pillager
  • Raijin / Fujin
  • Shogun
  • Schrek PPC Carrier
  • Spector
  • SturmFeur
  • Vedette
  • Vulcan
  • Whitworth

What’s Still on Your Wish List?

I’m curious what designs not already announced that you’re hoping to see as part of the Kickstarter. For me, I think the Grand Titan and Albatross are at the top of my wish list because I’d like to paint up a Knights of the Inner Sphere lance with them, but there are a ton of other designs I’d love to see as new plastic minis.

Update 5/4/2022: I had forgotten about the three ComStar / Word of Blake designs that got updated art in Rec Guide 23, so those are now added to the list of designs with redone designs but no miniatures yet.

Update 7/19/2022: I fixed the Alpha Strike box list based on it having a Phoenix Hawk rather than a Stinger. I also added some more designs that have been shown off on Patreon to that list.

Update 11/26/2022: I added a bunch of additional designs that have been shown off in one form or another to the list. Some of these have been said they’ll be in the Kickstarter, but I’ve also seen rumors that the Rifleman IIC moved out of the Kickstarter set, so for now the new ones are all just dumped in the maybe list.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

9 replies on “A New Wave of BattleTech Miniatures”

After the wolf clan became the ilclan, will the story continue from here ??? In novels or sorcebook?? I would hope that there would be more novels for the story to continue, the future of davion would be a great start.

CGL is definitely continuing the story past Clan Wolf’s victory on Terra. There have already been a some novels and a sourcebook released that cover events after it: Tamar Rising, Elements of Treason: Duty, and The Price of Duty. The Federated Suns will be featured in the Dominions Divided sourcebook and a novel called The Damocles Sanction that are both on the schedule for later this year according to the most recent upcoming releases update.

Everything in Mech Commander 2.
Sha Yu
Men Shen
Lao Hu
I’m probably missing some but those are the ones I remember.

Getting the Fafnir would be great! With some of the late Clan Invasion and Civil War designs starting to show up in the force packs, hopefully we’ll see a lot more of them with updated designs over the next few years.

I know I’m a bit late to the party, but there is one innersphere mech that desperately needs a CGL redesign: the humble Mauler. As for the clans, one design that definitely needs to return is the Naga.

Seconding the Mauler, came here to mention it. Also the Fafnir and Uziel are classics that need a new mini.

Anthony Scroggins’ Patreon has a redesign for the Mauler, so assume that one is forthcoming, as well… and thank the gods, because it’s overdue.

Personally, I’d like to see some updates to (nearly) all of the Primitives. We already got an official redesign image for the Mackie in Legends, so why not make it a mini, and give us the more of the early mechs?

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