’Mech Manual: King Crab KGC-000

Designed as a command ’Mech for the SLDF, the King Crab entered service in 2743. While it was considered less capable in the command role than the Atlas AS7-D that was introduced just over a decade later, it was still a capable assault ’Mech with a tremendous amount of short-range firepower.

Many King Crabs left the Inner Sphere with the SLDF, and the loss of Ferro Fibrous armor manufacturing meant that those that remained with the Great Houses were downgraded to the KGC-0000 variant. ComStar secretly retained some of the original variant and shared some with the Draconis Combine after the Fourth Succession War. From the Clan Invasion until the Jihad, it continued to serve ComStar and the Draconis Combine as well as the Word of Blake and Free Rasalhague Republic. After the Jihad ended, the Republic of the Sphere continued to use the design for a few decades, but it was considered extinct by the time of the blackout.

Read This First

  • Fire either your long-range weapons or your autocannons to stay cool
  • Save your autocannon ammo for when you’re most likely to hit, you don’t have enough to waste any shots
  • Your slow speed and short range mean that you’re at your best if you can wait out of sight and let enemies come to you
  • Be careful about flankers, you have a very limited firing arc

King Crab KGC-000

  • Role: Juggernaut
  • Tech Base: Inner Sphere (2743)
  • Chassis: 100 tons
  • Movement: 3 / 5
  • Armor: 286 (Ferro Fibrous)
  • Heat Sinks: 15 (15)
  • Weapons:
    • AC/20 × 2 (ammo: 10)
    • LRM 15 (ammo: 8)
    • Large Laser
  • Equipment:
    • CASE
  • Design Quirks:
    • Command ’Mech
    • No Torso Twist
  • Cost: 10,122,000 C-Bills
  • Battle Value: 1,906


The KGC-000 has an average movement profile for an assault ’Mech. It can walk with 3 MP or run with 5 MP. The +1 target movement modifier it can get for walking is not any better than standing still in protective terrain.


The King Crab KGC-000 is very durable. While it has slightly below average for a 100-ton ’Mech, its 286 armor points are well above the average for the assault weight class as a whole. The design carries three tons of explosive ammunition, but both locations with it are protected by CASE to prevent an explosion from destroying the King Crab. The right torso has 20% of its critical slots as explosive ammo and the left torso has 29% of them as ammo.


The KGC-000 has two sets of weapons. A large laser and LRM 15 provide its long-range firepower. Then at shorter ranges, it carries a pair of devastating heavy autocannons. The two AC/20s are terrifying to even the heaviest of targets.

Maximum and Expected Damage

In battle, the long-range weapons can be used to soften targets or deal with enemies that are able to out maneuver the King Crab, but it shines when it can get within 6 or even 3 hexes in order to make the most of its autocannons.

One serious drawback of the KGC-000 is its limited firing arc. All of its weapons are confined to the forward firing arc and then it suffers from the No Torso Twist quirk. If it loses initiative, then it very easy for enemies to move to either side of it so that it cannot bring its weapons to bear.

Maximum Damage for Firing Arcs

A second major flaw in the KGC-000’s design, is that it carries limited ammunition. The missile launcher has only 8 shots and then autocannons can only be fired 5 times each. That means a MechWarrior needs to ensure their shots count because after they use up their ammo, they will be left with only a single large laser.

Heat Management

The King Crab has enough heat sinks to stay cool firing either of its weapon sets, but not both. The LRMs and large laser generate 13 heat, the two autocannons generate 14, and it only can dissipate 15 each round of battle.

Between the limited ammo and heat issues, a MechWarrior’s best option is to use the laser and missile until they are close enough that the autocannons are accurate. Then they can switch over to firing the big guns in hopes of quickly ending the battle.

Heat-Adjusted Maximum and Expected Damage


The King Crab is dangerous in a brawl. Both of its arms have full actuator sets allowing it to deliver 10 damage punches. It can also kick for 20 damage. It cannot fire its autocannons if it punches, but once it has fired its five salvos, punching or kicking is generally its best offensive option.

Other Capabilities

The King Crab benefits from the Command ’Mech quirk which makes it a useful addition to any force. The initiative bonus can also help to allow it to delay its own movement to help avoid being flanked.

Cost & Upkeep

The only non-introductory tech on the KGC-000 is its armor and CASE, so it isn’t too expensive of an option. It does have a fairly high ongoing cost though due to easily going through three tons of ammo each time it is in a fight.

When using the Warchest Point system, these are the expected costs for the King Crab KGC-000:

Purchase2,000 SP
Armor Repair100 SP
Structure Repair200 SP
Reload15 SP


The new plastic King Crab miniature is included in the ComStar Command Level II force pack.


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By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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