Into the Ghost Archipelago

For the first game of our Ghost Archipelago campaign, we played a standard game rather than one of the scenarios. Since we are both new to Ghost Archipelago, this would give us a chance to try out our crews without worrying about any extra rules.

On the first round, both of our heritors moved forward with a few crew each to try to quickly claim a nearby treasure. Ishaastal lead another group of Theofanis’s crew forward and then cast a spell that allowed her to create a deep pool of water under the feet of Jean-Phillipe and Carlos. The herbalist managed to scurry away, but Jean-Phillipe was left swimming. His warden, Amina, attempted to retaliate with her own magic, but failed to cast the spell. Anton then stepped forward and scored a critical hit against Valérian with his crossbow in order to know Theofanis’s crew down a man.

Stepping over Valérian’s body, Kamal grabbed the nearby treasure. Theofanis and Géraud then moved towards the central treasure. Jean-Phillipe, Ariel, and Carlos grouped around their own treasure. Ishaastal used another spell to attack Carlos with a tendril of water, but the herbalist managed to dodge the attack while holding on to his newly claimed treasure. Amina failed to cast another spell.

Youri moved forward to prevent Theofanis from reaching the central treasure, but Klaas, León, Josif, and Petar all moved into a brawl with Géraud over the loot. In the melee, Klaas took out Géraud with a swing of his axe, Mosi rushed in to join the fight and got wounded, and then Petar fell to a strike from León.

On one edge of the battlefield, Diego shot an arrow at Carlos, but missed. Ariel then ran forward and wounded him to protect Carlos and the treasure he was carrying. On the opposite edge, Eckhart got into position and wounded Amina with a shot from his crossbow.

Theofanis finished off Youri and then moved to join the central melee. From the edge of the brawl, Ishaastal used her magic to heal Mosi. Then luck swung hard in Theofanis’s favor with both Josif and Klaas falling to critical hits leaving the treasure uncontested.

Mosi picked up the treasure and started to flee with it, but Jean-Phillipe fired an arrow and scored a critical hit on him. As a counterattack, Ishaastal slammed the enemy heritor with a blast of water and took him out of the fight. Other than needing to fight off a snapping turtle, that left Theofanis’s crew in control of three treasures while Jean-Phillipe’s crew fell back with the other two.

After the Battle


Following the battle, Géraud and Mosi passed away from their injuries, but Valérian recovered. The treasures the crew recovered were the Breenlin and Gaelbys map stones to help them locate the Crystal Pool and 40 gold coins. Theofanis gained two levels to increase his Fighting and Health. Ishaashtal gained one level and improved her ability to cast Pool. Theofanis then chose Themba and Mahesh from his ship’s crew to replace the crewmembers who had died.


Jean-Phillipe fully recovered from his wounds during the battle along with Petar and Youri. Klaas was injured badly enough that he won’t be able to join Jean-Phillipe on his next expedition, and then Josif died from his wounds. The treasure they recovered was fury leaves and 30 gold coins. Jean-Phillipe gained a level and improved his Shooting. Then he chose Yosef to replace Josif and Nikolas to take Klaas’s spot until the infantryman recovered.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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