Quest for the Crystal Pool

When Stefanie and I finished up our Red King campaign, we decided that our next Frostgrave campaign would use Ghost Archipelago. In Ghost Archipelago, rather than wizards exploring frozen ruins, you play as heritors exploring an archipelago of tropical islands in search of the legendary Crystal Pool that can replenish your bloodline’s power. Getting ready involved assembling crews of new miniatures and building jungle-themed terrain, but we’re now ready to dive into the campaign.

This is our first time playing with Ghost Archipelago, so we decided to go with random power selection for our heritors and then build our crews from there. While we’re just getting started, I think we’re both pretty happy with how that turned out.

Theofanis and the Crew of Siren’s Song

My heritor fancies himself as a descendant of mighty Poseidon. His most practiced ability is being able to channel his blood’s power to breathe in water. His other abilities are defensive in nature including the ability to resist being moved, reduce damage, catch arrows, or disarm his foes.

Theofanis is joined by the serpentfolk wave warden Ishaastal. She was drawn to Theofanis’s apparent connection to the magic of the seas. Her spells can conjure and manipulate water, heal wounds, and create deadly poison.

Theofanis’s Abilities

  • Catch Missile – 5
  • Disarm – 5
  • Mitigation – 5
  • Stand Firm – 5
  • Waterlung – 3

Ishaastal’s Spells

  • Envenom – Beast Warden 12
  • Pool – Wave Warden 10
  • Water of Life – Wave Warden 8
  • Wrath of the Waves – Wave Warden 8

Crew of Siren’s Song

  • Diego the Guide
  • Eckhart the Crossbowman
  • Géraud the Crewman (two-handed weapon)
  • Kamal the Man-at-Arms
  • León the Crewman (hand weapon)
  • Mosi the Crewman (hand weapon & shield)
  • Rasheed the Tomb Robber
  • Valérian the Crewman (hand weapon)

Jean-Phillipe and the Crew of The Whispering Wave

Stefanie’s heritor ended up being a near opposite of mine. His easiest-to-use ability is Trickshot that allows him to ignore cover and intervening terrain when shooting. Then that is backed up with a dazing attack, being able to push enemies back farther out of combat, more mobility, and an improved ability to recover from injuries between battles.

The earth warden Amina has joined Jean-Phillipe’s expedition. She can improve the durability of her allies, move treasure across the ground, or hurl enchanted rocks.

Jean-Phillipe’s Abilities

  • Daze – 5
  • Fling – 5
  • Regrowth – 5
  • Sprint – 5
  • Trickshot – 3

Amina’s Spells

  • Bark – Vine Warden 12
  • Earth Blood – Earth Warden 8
  • Earth Wave – Earth Warden 8
  • Projectile – Earth Warden 10

Crew of The Whispering Wave

  • Anton the Crossbowman
  • Ariel the Pearl Diver
  • Carlos the Herbalist
  • Ivan the Crewman (hand weapon)
  • Josif the Crewman (hand weapon & shield)
  • Klaas the Infantryman
  • Petar the Crewman (hand weapon)
  • Youri the Crewman (two-handed weapon)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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