’Mech Manual: Marauder MAD-7C

The Marauder MAD-7C is one of two variants introduced by the Lyran Commonwealth’s Bowie Industries in 3103. The C3-capable MAD-7C was initially created for sale to the Republic of the Sphere, but it is available on the open market to other nations and mercenaries in the Inner Sphere.

Bowie’s other variant, the MAD-7R, is available for buyers that do not make use of C3 systems. It lacks the computer system and carries additional ammunition for the gauss rifle in its place.

Read This First

  • Connect to a C3 network with spotters that can get within 6 hexes for maximum accuracy
  • Without a supporting C3 network, fighting at 14 hexes gets your primary weapons in to medium range
  • Be careful about heat. Firing just your three primary weapons will slowly build up heat, but adding the pulse lasers results in dangerous heat levels
  • You can fire in any direction thanks to useful quirks
  • Cover from trees or a hill can be just as effective protection as your movement

Marauder MAD-7C

  • Role: Sniper
  • Tech Base: Inner Sphere (3103)
  • Chassis: 75 tons
  • Movement: 4 / 6, XL
  • Armor: 224 (Ferro Fibrous)
  • Heat Sinks: 15 (30)
  • Weapons:
    • ER PPC × 2
    • Light Gauss Rifle (ammo: 16)
    • Medium X-Pulse Laser × 2
  • Equipment:
    • Guardian ECM Suite
    • CASE II
    • C3 Support
  • Design Quirks:
    • Command ’Mech
    • Directional Torso Mount (RT)
    • Exposed Weapon Linkage (Light Gauss Rifle)
    • Hyper-Extending Actuators
    • Narrow/Low Profile
  • Cost: 16,861,250 C-Bills
  • Battle Value: 1,810 (plus C3 network cost)


The MAD-7C has average mobility for a ’Mech of its weight. It has 4 walking MP and 6 running MP, but lacks jump jets. In clear terrain, it can benefit from up to a +1 target movement modifier while walking and a +2 while running.


The Marauder MAD-7C can endure a lot of damage. It carries above average armor for a 75-ton chassis and then benefits from the Narrow/Low Profile quirk that results in some weapon hits only dealing half damage to it. The right torso has 50% of its critical slots occupied by an explosive gauss rifle, but CASE II prevents most of the effects of any explosion and there are no other explosive items. The right torso’s gauss rifle also has other vulnerabilities. The Exposed Weapon Linkage quirk has a 17% chance of disabling the weapon whenever the right torso is hit, and it loses the benefit of its Directional Torso Mount quirk on 28% of such hits.


The armament of the MAD-7C is built on a trio of long-range weapons. The light gauss rifle can fire at targets up to 25 hexes away, and the two ER PPCs can reach out to 23 hexes. Together, those weapons give the Marauder the ability to deal 28 damage. Inside of 9 hexes, the MAD-7C can add two medium x-pulse lasers to its firepower.

Maximum and Expected Damage

The expected damage output of the MAD-7C is fairly flat within 6 hexes. The light gauss rifle’s minimum range counteracts most of the benefit of the medium x-pulse lasers getting into short range to result in only a small increase at expected damage at 3 hexes and then a drop as targets get closer than that. On its own, a Marauder MAD-7C’s MechWarrior will generally want to operate about 14 hexes from their targets in order to have their primary weapons inside medium range.

The C3 computer can drastically change the accuracy of the MAD-7C’s shots. If it is connected to a network with a spotter that is within 6 hexes of its target, then a MechWarrior can deliver shots with maximum accuracy with its three main weapons from as far as 23 hexes from its target. When in this situation, there is no reason for the Marauder to maneuver any closer to its targets.

A MechWarrior in a MAD-7C enjoys the ability to engage targets in any direction. Its PPCs and pulse lasers are arm-mounted, and it can flip its arms thanks to its Hyper-Extending Actuators quirk. The gauss rifle is torso-mounted with a forward firing arc, but it too can be flipped to fire at targets in the rear arc thanks to its Directional Torso Mount quirk. A MechWarrior needs to be careful about using that though because damage can result in the gauss rifle getting stuck facing the wrong direction.

Maximum Damage for Firing Arcs

The light gauss rifle is the only weapon on the MAD-7C that uses ammunition. It’s ton of ammo provides 16 shots which should be enough that a MechWarrior doesn’t need to worry much about conserving ammunition.

Heat Management

The Marauder MAD-7C runs hot. It carries 15 double heat sinks, but that is not enough to safely deal with the heat its weapons can generate. The three primary weapons generate 31 heat and then the pulse lasers can add 12 more. With movement, that means a MechWarrior who doesn’t hold back can end up with up to 15 excess heat in a single turn. When acting as a sniper, firing the three primary weapons should be sustainable for several salvos since the movement penalty at 5 heat won’t necessarily be impactful in that role. If instead operating in a more mobile role, holding fire with an ER PPC will be necessary one out of every few rounds. Once the pulse lasers are in range, a MechWarrior can fire both of them in place of one of the ER PPCs to optimize their heat efficiency.

Heat-Adjusted Maximum and Expected Damage


The MAD-7C is not an optimal brawler. It lacks hands, so its punches suffer from reduced accuracy and require not making use of its most effective short-range weapons in exchange for only 8 damage per punch. When it kicks, the Marauder can deal 15 damage.

Other Capabilities

The Marauder benefits from the Command ’Mech quirk which allows its MechWarrior to coordinate their allies for a bonus to initiative each turn.

The MAD-7C is also equipped with a Guardian ECM that provides it with electronic warfare capabilities. When operating normally, the ECM can protect the Marauder and its allies by disrupting enemy C3 networks, Artemis or Narc aided missile launchers, and active probes. Switching to ECCM mode can allow the MAD-7C to protect its own C3 connection from enemy jamming. In battles where enemy forces are not making use of advanced electronics, a MechWarrior can use their suite to interfere with enemy targeting systems in games using the optional Ghost Targets rule.

Cost & Upkeep

Due to its XL engine, the MAD-7C is expensive, but that price is not notably different from any other Marauder built with the same engine type. The only ammunition cost between battles is replacing the ton of light gauss shots.

When using the Warchest Point system, these are the expected costs for the Marauder MAD-7C:

Purchase1,500 SP
Armor Repair75 SP
Structure Repair150 SP
Reload10 SP


The Marauder is available as a plastic miniature in the Inner Sphere Command Lance and Legendary MechWarriors force packs. Those two have different poses, but both match the look of the MAD-7C since it has weapon placements that mirror the classic MAD-3R variant.


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By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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