Sylvia the Ghostcaller

When young Sylvia’s mother died, her agony channeled her magical potential and somehow managed to pull her mother’s spirit back into the world. Unfortunately, the resulting undead that formed was a twisted monster rather than a loving mother. Despite that initial horror, over the years she managed to refine her abilities and become a talented spiritualist.

With spiritualism being a lost school of magic, Sylvia has always struggled to find tomes to use for her studies. With Felstad thawing, she knows that the legendary Collegium of Artistry could hold long-lost secrets that would let her unlock new spells and expand her own powers.


Sylvia’s most powerful ability is using Call Wraith to add a powerful undead to the battlefield to harass her enemies. If the wraith begins to threaten her own warband, then she can make use of either Command Ethereal or Destroy Undead to redirect or dispose of it. When she wants to take a more direct approach, Steal Health is an effective attack that also restores some of her own health. When she needs to deal with an enemy spellcaster, Spell Eater is a useful way to get rid of any enchantments they create. Outside of battle, she can use Speak with the Dead to improve her castings of either Reveal Secret or Brew Potion.

  • Brew Potion – Witch 16
  • Call Wraith – Spiritualist 12
  • Command Ethereal – Spiritualist 12
  • Destroy Undead – Thaumaturge 12
  • Reveal Secret – Soothsayer 16
  • Speak with the Dead – Spiritualist 12
  • Spell Eater – Necromancer 14
  • Steal Health – Necromancer 12


Galen became Sylvia’s apprentice about a decade ago after being drawn to her ability to bend powerful undead to her will. Their repertoire of spells is difficult for him to cast reliably, but he generally will try to cast Command Ethereal, Destroy Undead, and Steal Health in battle. Then outside of battle, if he manages to cast Speak with the Dead, he can improve his chance of casting either Brew Potion or Reveal Secret.


Sylvia maintains a well-armed warband. Knowing that the wraiths she calls can be dangerous, she has recruited a vampire hunter who has the right skills to face off against a rogue wraith. A templar serves as Sylvia’s bodyguard. The remainder of her warband consists of an infantryman and a mix of thieves and thugs.

  • Infantryman
  • Templar
  • Thief × 2
  • Thug × 3
  • Vampire Hunter


When she casts Transcendence, Sylvia manages to refine a spell that allows her to pull back lost souls without twisting them into monstrous undead.

Wednesday Wizards is a series of posts that I’m planning to write for the next few months. Each entry will present a wizard for Frostgrave Second Edition with background, spell selection, soldiers, and their goal in exploring the city. These wizards and warbands could be used as-is to start a new campaign or serve as inspiration as you build your own wizard.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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