BattleTech Miniature Availability Tables

My Wave 2 delivery – I have a lot of painting to do…

With wave 2 miniatures from Catalyst Game Labs’ Clan Invasion Kickstarter now being delivered, it’s time to start the work of divvying them up into factions, picking unit color schemes, and doing a lot of painting.

As I was working on figuring out which ’Mechs I wanted to put in each faction, I was spending a lot of time checking availability data on the Master Unit List to make sure factions had access to the miniatures I was picking for them through as many eras as possible. After enough time doing that, I decided to write a quick program to generate availability tables to present that info in a more user friendly way. I ended up making tables for most of BattleTech’s factions covering all of the ’Mechs with new miniatures. I shared them earlier this week on the Star League discord server, but figured that I should post them here too.

Each table in the pdfs linked below has the availability data for a single faction. The table is marked if any variant of the miniature is available to the faction for the era. It is meant to give a broad idea of whether or not the ’Mech is in use by a faction, and then if you want to check which variants you can check on either the MUL or my MegaMek Unit Digest site.

Once you pick a faction, Camo Specs and the Unit Color Compendium are great places to look for color scheme ideas.

All of the availability tables are also available in a GitHub repo where I plan to keep them up-to-date as new plastic miniatures are released and when ilClan era availability data gets added to the MUL.

Great Houses

Other Inner Sphere Factions



The Periphery

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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