Glentworth 3: Assault

Federated Suns
9 May 3007

Oliver couldn’t decide if he was excited or terrified. After years of training, he was going to finally have a chance to test his skills against a real enemy. He’d been promoted up to combat-ready and was going to help push the Liao invaders off of Glentworth. On the other hand, two lances of Capellan ’Mech’s were heading towards his unit’s position to try to kill them.

For the third battle in my Assault on Glentworth campaign, the Capellan Confederation forces had broken through the Federated Suns defensive line and were attacking the remaining defenders. Using the Assault scenario, two lances of attackers would need to destroy all of the defending units without losing half of their own force.

The Forces

For the Assault scenario, the Capellan Confederation was allowed to bring 100% of their total force. I decided to take the two heavier lances from the force: 8 ’Mechs with a total weight of 535 tons. That then set the budget for the Federated Suns at the same number and total weight, but they could not use the units that had been deployed in the previous scenario.

St. Ives Lancers

Commander Qiao Long would personally lead this assault with Subcommander Yulia Aslanov’s battle lance joining her own command lance.

  • Commander Qiao Long (3/3), Awesome AWS-8V
  • Oksana (4/4), Warhammer WHM-6L
  • Dimitri (4/3), Archer ARC-2R
  • Bei (2/3), Thunderbolt TDR-5S
  • Subcommander Yulia Aslanov (2/4), Marauder MAD-3L
  • Giselle (3/4), Catapult CPLT-C4
  • Yun (2/3), Wolverine WVR-6R
  • Huan (4/5), Griffin GRF-1N

The St. Ives Lancers force has a total weight of 535 tons and has a battle value of 14,654.

Capellan March Militia

Captain Charlotte Henderson decided to place the bulk of her remaining forces in a cluster of hills hoping that the terrain would help to slow the enemy advance and provide cover. Leftenant Gagneux would lead the second ad-hoc lance of defenders. The heavier ’Mechs from Clementine’s battle lance were unable to regroup after the Capellan breakthrough, so the Federated Suns forces would be significantly outweighed by the St. Ives Lancers in the battle.

  • Captain Charlotte Henderson (4/3), BattleMaster BLR-1D
  • Jude (2/3), Rifleman RFL-3N
  • Deepak (2/4), Wolverine WVR-6D
  • Oliver (4/6), Rifleman RFL-3N
  • Leftenant René Gagneux (3/3), Phoenix Hawk PXH-1D
  • Peter (4/4), Shadow Hawk SHD-2D
  • Eliza (2/4), Wasp WSP-1D
  • Chang (3/5), Valkyrie VLK-QF

The Capellan March Militia force weighs in at 410 tons and has a battle value of 10,230.

The Battle

The Capellan March Militia deployed in two lines. The rear line consisted of both Riflemen, the BattleMaster, and the Wolverine. Then the faster skirmishers deployed closer to the advancing enemy so that they could harass them as they approached the rear line.

Knowing that the St. Ives Lancers would be facing fierce resistance, Commander Long planned her attack as an armored spearpoint with the two skirmishers on the flanks and two missile boats staying back to provide fire support.

As Qiao, Bei, Oksana, and Yulia advanced their ’Mechs in a tight formation, the enemy skirmishers moved to engage them. A Wasp rushed out from behind a nearby hill to make a firing pass. It scored hits against Bei’s Thunderbolt including a small laser that found a weak spot in her armor but failed to strike any critical systems, but then the light ’Mech was annihilated by a convergence of particle cannon blasts and laser beams.

On the eastern flank of the fight, Huan engaged a Shadow Hawk. He missed with his weapons as he ran forward, but took a few long and short range missile hits in return.

Across the battlefield, Yun found her Wolverine facing off against a Davion Wolverine. She scored a hit with her autocannon and lost some of her own armor to a laser blast.

With the battle in full swing, Qiao’s assault force started to spread out with a pair going to each side of the hill in front of them. Qiao and Oksana took the western side and found themselves facing off against the Wolverine. They landed hits with a particle cannon, lasers, and a flamer as it used its autocannon to blast away armor from the arm of Oksana’s Warhammer. From the south, one of the Riflemen managed to score another pair of autocannon hits against the Warhammer, but the beams of its large lasers thankfully missed.

On the other side of the hill, Bei and Yulia advanced. The Davion Shadow Hawk jumped towards Bei’s Thunderbolt. A couple of her medium lasers and a pair of missiles hit it as it arced down, then it landed and blaster her with its shoulder-mounted autocannon and a medium laser before closing in to kick at her. Bei spun her Thunderbolt around to kick back and their legs got tangled with both ’Mechs crashing to the ground. In the distance, Yulia spotted a BattleMaster moving into sight, so she called in a strike and smiled as two dozen long-range missiles from Giselle and Dimitri slammed into the assault ’Mech. It fired at her through the barrage, but only a single one of its lasers managed to hit. A Valkyrie jumped out from behind the hill and tried to target Yulia’s Marauder, but its missiles went wide due to its hasty movement.

Yun had moved to the west to try to shield Giselle’s Catapult from an approaching Phoenix Hawk, but it leapt to the far side of a hill, so she took advantage of her Wolverine’s flexible torso to twist back around and score a laser hit on the Wolverine targeting Oksana’s Warhammer. That was enough of a surprise that the Davion MechWarrior lost control, skidded on its knee, and then fell hard on its left side.

As the Phoenix Hawk arced down, it hastily fired its large laser but missed Giselle’s Catapult. Then it righted its aim and melted some of her armor away with its medium lasers. Without any notable short-range firepower, Giselle fired her own jump jets to get closer to the main Capellan force.

Bei pushed her Thunderbolt back to its feet and opened fire on the Shadow Hawk. She only hit with a medium laser as it got up to its feet too. Yulia had better luck as her weapons punched through the Shadow Hawk’s armor to damage its internals. The Shadow Hawk turned towards Yulia’s Marauder and fired back but only managed to chip away a little armor. A few missiles from the Davion Valkyrie scored hits on her Marauder too, but she was able to shrug those off.

The Wolverine near Qiao and Oksana got back to its feet and then blasted its autocannon into the internals of Oksana’s Warhammer destroying he short range missile launcher, a medium laser, and a small laser. Oksana thanked the Chancellor that the armor-piercing shells missed her ammo bin, and tried to stay focused on the BattleMaster but was too shaken to land her shots. The assault ’Mech fired back and vaporized armor with its particle cannon and lasers, and one of the Riflemen followed that up with its autocannons.

Qiao moved to support Oksana as her Warhammer was getting blasted apart, and managed to melt a hole through the Davion Wolverine’s armor with her large laser. Then a dozen long-range missiles from Dimitri’s Archer exploded all over the Wolverine leaving it rocking before falling back down into the dirt.

With Giselle’s catapult back in the center of the Capellan force, the Phoenix Hawk turned its attention on Yun’s Wolverine. It jumped behind her and prepared to fire, but she threw off its aim by twisting her torso around to hit it with her laser and missiles. The Phoenix Hawk’s aim was thrown off by a missile exploding against its head, and it only managed to hit its target with a single medium laser.

With her skirmishers struggling and her own BattleMaster losing armor rapidly, the Capellan March Militia commander ordered a fall back to the rear line. As she started to back away, she fired again at Yulia’s Marauder and hit its arm with her particle cannon. Yulia returned fire and blasted away more of the BattleMaster’s armor with her three main guns. Bei added to the Davion commander’s problems by hitting her arm and head with a half dozen missiles, but then was herself hit by a few missiles from the enemy Valkyrie.

The Davion Phoenix Hawk and Shadow Hawk jumped behind hills trying to get out of reach of the St. Ives Lancers, but the damaged Wolverine was only able to push itself back to its feet. Under the combined fire of Qiao, Oksana, Dimitri, and Yun, the Wolverine lost its entire left torso and suffered damage to its fusion reactor and gyroscope. The Wolverine tried to fight back and shed some more armor from Oksana’s Warhammer, but then it was overwhelmed by the incoming fire and fell back to the ground. One of the Riflemen from the Davion second line tried to support the overwhelmed Wolverine and blasted Oksana’s Warhammer with both its large lasers and autocannons.

Huan, approaching the position of the eastern Rifleman, moved his Griffin to ensure a hill was between him and it. Spotting the Shadow Hawk as it landed on the side of a nearby hill, he fired a salvo of missiles its way. As the missiles blasted dirt from the hillside the Shadow Hawk turned and missed a quick shot with its medium laser. Then Huan fired his particle cannon and the Shadow Hawk’s head was vaporized by a bolt of man-made lightning.

The Davion Wolverine pushed itself to its feet and started to run back towards its allies. Combined fire from Qiao’s Awesome, Oksana’s Warhammer, and Yun’s Wolverine tore it apart before it could get out of sight, and it fell to the ground one last time.

The rest of the Capellan March Militia held there position in the cover of hills. As the St. Ives Lancers regrouped, both forces exchanged fire across the center of the battlefield with autocannon bursts, laser beams, and long-range blasting away armor plates on both sides. Yulia’s Marauder absorbed most of the Davion firepower, but was left with almost all of its left leg armor gone and a damaged actuator in her right leg. On the other side, one of the Rifleman’s torso and arms were left battered by nearly three dozen missiles from Dimitri’s Archer and Giselle’s Catapult.

On the western side of the battlefield, Yun jumped her Wolverine over a hill to push towards the Valkyrie and western-most Rifleman. Seeing the opportunity to engage the already damaged Wolverine one-on-one, the Davion Phoenix Hawk ran forward. Yun managed to dodge its three shots at her and hit back with her laser. Then the Phoenix Hawk was at point-blank range and shattered the armor on her Wolverine’s right leg.

The St. Ives Lancers began their main push towards the Federated Suns rear line. Yulia, Bei, Dimitri, and Qiao all fire at the two Riflemen as they move forward. The two Davion ’Mechs returned fire and scored hits on both Yulia’s Marauder and Bei’s Thunderbolt. The western Rifleman took enough damage under the Capellan barrage that its MechWarrior wasn’t able to keep it on its feet.

Giselle fired her Catapult’s missile racks at the Davion Valkyrie and the explosions of nearly three dozen warheads erupted over its body. When the blasts died down, the Valkyrie’s right arm was missing. Yun ran towards the Valkyrie with the Phoenix Hawk chasing her and melting bits her ’Mech’s armor. Her autocannon destroyed what was left of the Valkyrie’s right torso while a salvo of its missiles exploded against the trees of the forest. Left without any remaining weapons, the Valkyrie started to jump away towards safety.

With the St. Ives Lancers getting closer to the Davion positions, the BattleMaster reemerged and opened fire on Bei’s Thunderbolt. Qiao ordered her main force to target the assault ’Mech and it was soon hammered by particle cannon fire, laser beams, and missiles. As the barraged raged, one of the BattleMaster’s shots ignited an ammunition bin inside Bei’s Thunderbolt causing explosions to ripple throughout its internals as she ejected to safety. Qiao cursed that the BattleMaster’s left arm being shattered by the barrage was a poor trade off compared to the loss of an entire heavy ’Mech.

With the Valkyrie in retreat, Yun ran her Wolverine uphill then twisted her torso to fire down at the Phoenix Hawk that was still harassing her. She hit with her laser and short range missiles, but the Davion’s lasers burned into the internals of her left leg and damaged one of its actuators and a jump jet.

The prone Rifleman tried to push itself back to its feet, fell back down, and then managed to stand on its second attempt. After regaining its feet, the Rifleman fired on Yulia’s Marauder and broke through its left leg armor to lock up its hip actuator.

Rejoining the battle, Huan ran uphill to point-blank range with the eastern Rifleman. It pivoted its torso to track his movement and then blasted his Griffin with every gun it had. Huan lost control in the barrage, but managed to at least hit the Rifleman’s leg with his particle cannon shot as the Griffin slammed into the dirt.

Despite being targeted by multiple Capellan ’Mechs, the BattleMaster continued to advance towards Yulia’s Marauder. As it strode forward, Qiao’s particle cannon breaks through its leg armor and locks up its hip, but the assault ’Mech continued to close ground. It fired its own particle cannon at Qiao’s Awesome vaporizing some of its torso armor, and then turned its lasers on Yulia’s Marauder. Just as it was getting close enough to kick the Marauder’s weakened legs, Yulia concentrated her lasers on the BattleMaster’s left leg and severed it. The assault ’Mech crashed town, snapping an actuator in its remaining arm as it tried to catch itself and then cracking its reactor shielding with the impact.

Yun turned her attention to the nearby Rifleman and blasted away some of its armor with her autocannon and missiles. The Rifleman hit back with both autocannons, and then the Phoenix Hawk hit her with all three of its lasers before using an elevation advantage to kick towards her Wolverine’s head. At the last minute, Yun managed to twist away and take the impact on her arm instead.

Huan pushed his Griffin back to its feet and then blasted the Rifleman he was facing with a particle cannon shot to its chest. The Rifleman fired back with its autocannons and medium lasers, but only managed to hit with one of the lasers. Then Huan used his high ground to kick the Griffin’s foot right into the internals of the Rifleman’s torso just as its heat safety measures engaged and its fusion reactor began to shutdown.

The BattleMaster pushed itself back up onto its single leg and then continued to fight on. It missed with its particle cannon, but still managed to melt away bits of Yulia’s Marauder with its lasers. Then a final barrage from Qiao, Yulia, and Giselle left it a broken machine and took the Davion commander out of the fight.

Yun exchanged fire with the Rifleman and Phoenix Hawk. She managed to destroy the right side of the Rifleman’s torso and one of its hip actuators. It only hit her Wolverine back with a single medium laser as its MechWarrior failed to keep it on its feet. Then the Phoenix Hawk’s lasers destroyed the Wolverine’s hip and caused it to topple over too. Yun sighed with relief as the Phoenix Hawk looming over her Wolverine had its reactor shut down from its heat level.

With the Rifleman he was facing powered down, Huan took an aimed shot with his particle cannon and destroyed what was left of its center torso before moving on to assist Yun.

Yun pushed her Wolverine back to its feet as fire from any remaining Capellan ’Mech with a clear shot converged on the shut down Phoenix Hawk. Both of its arms were blown off and unable to balance, it crashed to the ground.

The prone Rifleman tried to stand up, wrecked its remaining hip actuator in the attempt, and then fired white flares to surrender. The Phoenix Hawk’s MechWarrior decided not to even try powering back up and just popped its hatch to signal his surrender. Commander Qiao’s forces had emerged victorious.

The Outcome

With the Capellan March Militia broken by the St. Ives Lancer’s assault, the Federated Suns forces were forced to retreat from Glentworth and allowing Chancellor Maximillian Liao to claim it again. The Capellan Confederation did not hold the planet for long, but their short reign allowed them to empty warehouses and supply depots and forced First Prince Ian Davion to reallocate front line forces from other worlds to retake Glentworth.

St. Ives Lancers

Damage Report

Qiao’s Awesome has taken a small amount of damage to its armor.

Oksana’s Warhammer has taken damage to its armor and internal structure. It lost its SRM 6, a medium laser, and a small laser. Its left shoulder actuator was also destroyed.

Dimitri’s Archer is undamaged.

Bei’s Thunderbolt was completely destroyed by an ammunition explosion. She suffered 2 points of damage.

Yulia’s Marauder has taken damage to its armor and internal structure. Both of its upper leg actuators and its left hip are damaged. It also lost a heat sink.

Giselle’s Catapult has taken a small amount of damage to its armor.

Yun’s Wolverine has taken damage to its armor and internal structure. Its right hip, left lower leg, and two jump jets are damaged.

Huan’s Griffin has taken damage to its armor.


The St. Ives Lancers spent 300 WP to participate in the scenario. They achieved both the Conquer and Hold the Field objectives to earn back a total of 700 WP.

They converted 554 WP to 1,660 SP for repairs, salvage, and rearming.

  • 80 SP for armor repairs to Qiao’s Awesome
  • 210 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to Oksana’s Warhammer
  • 225 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to Yulia’s Marauder
  • 65 SP for armor repair to Giselle’s Catapult
  • 165 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to Yun’s Wolverine
  • 55 SP for armor repairs to Huan’s Griffin
  • 135 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to Catherine’s Phoenix Hawk
  • 60 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to Li’s Stinger
  • 20 SP for armor repairs to Alexander’s Locust
  • 180 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to the surrendered Rifleman
  • 135 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to the surrendered Phoenix Hawk
  • 165 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to the salvaged Shadow Hawk
  • 60 SP for treatment of Bei’s wounds
  • 105 SP to top off ammunition across the company

Bei claimed the new Rifleman as a replacement for her destroyed Thunderbolt, and then the Phoenix Hawk and Shadow Hawk were sold for a total of 500 SP which converted back to 167 WP.

That puts their warchest at 884 WP for the end of the campaign with the company fully repaired and rearmed in preparation for when the Federated Suns attempts to retake Glentworth.

Capellan March Militia

Damage Report

Charlotte’s BattleMaster was completely destroyed. She has suffered 2 points of damage.

Jude’s Rifleman was completely destroyed. He has suffered 2 points of damage.

Deepak’s Wolverine was completely destroyed. He has suffered 3 points of damage.

Oliver’s Rifleman was left immobile and surrendered. It has taken damage to its armor and internal structure including the complete loss of its right torso. Both hip actuators, both upper leg actuators, and its left foot actuator are destroyed. Oliver suffered 3 points of damage.

René’s Phoenix Hawk was surrendered when its was shutdown, prone, and weaponless. It has taken damage to its armor and internal structure including the loss of both arms. In addition to losing all of its weapons in its arms, it also has three damaged jump jets. René suffered 2 points of damage.

Peter’s Shadow Hawk was abandoned on the battlefield. It has taken damage to its armor and internal structure including the loss of its head and left arm. Its right shoulder actuator and upper and lower left leg actuators are damaged. Peter died when the ’Mech’s head was vaporized by a particle cannon shot.

Chang’s Valkyrie has taken damage to its armor and internal structure including the loss of its right torso.

Eliza’s Wasp was completely destroyed. She took 1 point of damage.


The Capellan March Militia spent 300 WP to participate in this scenario which put them into debt. They did not achieve any objectives and so did not earn any WP back.

That puts their current warchest at -62 WP.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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