Glentworth 2: Breakthrough

Federated Suns
7 May 3007

Yun checked the system readouts as she kept her Wolverine running alongside her lancemates. Then she double checked them all again as her sensors started picking up enemy contacts. The Capellan March Militia was waiting for them, so she needed to be ready. As they got into weapon’s range, the Subcommander gave the go ahead signal, so she throttled up to her Wolverine’s max speed. Up ahead, a Marauder stepped out of cover and began to track her with its arm-mounted particle cannons. She tried to squeeze a bit more speed out of her ’Mech and hoped it would be enough to let her get past that monster in one piece.

Following the Capellan Confederation victory in the first battle of the Assault on Glentworth, they were able to advance to the Breakthrough scenario. In this battle the attackers are trying to break through the defender’s line and into their territory.

The Forces

As the “player force”, the St. Ives Lancers were able to choose up to 75% of their overall force to participate in this scenario. The overall force weighs in at 640 tons, so that gave a maximum of 480 tons. Looking at the scenario objectives, I decided to take a smaller force so that they would be able to focus on getting faster mediums across the battlefield. I decided to use Yulia’s lance which was 250 tons. With that budget set, the “OpFor” was Clementine’s lance from the Capellan March Militia with one of its Valkyries swapped out for the Warhammer from Charlotte’s lance.

St. Ives Lancers

Commander Long assigned Subcommander Yulia Aslanov’s lance the job of breaking through the defensive line of the Capellan March Militia. Her plan was for the lance to rush the line so that the faster Wolverine and Griffin could get past it with the Marauder and Catapult providing fire support.

  • Subcommander Yulia Aslanov (2/4), Marauder MAD-3L
  • Giselle (3/4), Catapult CPLT-C4
  • Yun (2/3), Wolverine WVR-6R
  • Huan (4/5), Griffin GRF-1N

The St. Ives Lancers force weighs in at 250 tons and has a battle value of 7,023.

Capellan March Militia

Leftenant Clementine Lee was posted on the northern perimeter of the city to hold the line against the St. Ives Lancers. Jessica, who normally is assigned to the captain’s lance, joined the defensive line to bolster its firepower with Chang’s Valkyrie loaned to the captain’s lance in her place.

  • Leftenant Clementine Lee (2/4), Marauder MAD-3D
  • Jessica (3/4), Warhammer WHM-6D
  • Edward (2/5), Archer ARC-2R
  • Jack (3/5), Valkyrie VLK-QA

The Capellan March Militia force weighs in at 245 tons and has a battle value of 7,142.

The Battle

With the Capellan Confederation attack force approaching their headquarters, the Capellan March Militia forced a defensive perimeter around the city. As spotters picked up a lance of approaching ’Mechs, a militia lance took up a defensive position where the road circling the city’s outskirts crossed near a small spring-fed lake.

At the start of the battle, the St. Ives Lancers rushed the defensive line to try to break through it. The main goal was for Yun and Huan to get through, so they split up with Yun running her Wolverine on the west side of the lake and Huan running his Griffin on the east side. Seeing a militia Marauder standing in Yun’s way, Yulia advanced on the west to give some fire support. Giselle moved less quickly and positioned her Catapult in a forest to provide long-range support.

As the Lancers closed, the Federated Suns battle line opened fire. The Marauder blasted Yun’s Wolverine with its particle cannon and large laser, and then the Valkyrie melted away a bit more armor with its medium laser. Meanwhile, Yulia’s Marauder was hit by a dozen missiles from the Archer. Both Yun and Yulia fired back at the Davion Marauder blasting away armor with hits from a particle cannon, medium laser, and autocannon. Giselle tried to distract the Archer with a flight of missiles, but the cover it was hiding behind meant that less than half of the warheads she fired actually hit her target.

On the other side of the lake, Huan exchanged fire with the Warhammer. He managed to dodge everything it fired except a medium laser and then blast away some of its torso armor with his own particle cannon.

Hoping to get through the enemy line quickly, Yun continued to run her Wolverine at full speed right past the Marauder. She twisted her torso back and fired quickly at the Marauder. The quick autocannon and laser shots just chipped away at the heavy ’Mech’s armor, but one of Yun’s missiles exploded against the side of the Marauder’s cockpit and surely rattled its MechWarrior.

Leaving the Archer and Valkyrie to deal with Yun’s Wolverine, the Davion Marauder charged to point blank range with Yulia’s own Marauder. As it closed, Yulia blasted away at its armor with her weapons and managed to destroy the Davion ’Mech’s torso-mounted large laser. The barrage was enough to throw off the enemy Marauder’s aim and it missed with everything despite the point-blank range. Then the two heavy ’Mechs crashed together with each one landing kicks to leave their leg armor mangled messes.

The Archer and Valkyrie unleashed their firepower at Yun trying to stop her Wolverine before it could escape past them, but her fast pace made her a difficult target. She took a hit from a medium laser and six warheads blasted against her ’Mech, but nothing made it through her Wolverine’s armor.

The Davion Warhammer then moved itself directly into the path of Huan’s Griffin. Thinking quick, he fired his jump jets and leapt over the enemy ’Mech’s head. As he landed he snapped off another shot with his particle cannon, but it went wide. Then the Warhammer scored hits with its particle cannon and two of its medium lasers. It was enough to make the Griffin unsteady on its feet, but Huan recovered and then Giselle unleashed a flight of missiles that blasted away armor from the Warhammer to try to distract it from Huan.

As Yun and Huan escaped to the other side of the Federated Suns line, Giselle started to withdraw to safety. She slammed the Davion Warhammer with two dozen missile hits, but then took a particle cannon hit back from it. The Valkyrie jumped across the river and melted away a bit more of her Catapult’s armor with its medium laser.

Yulia continued her duel with the enemy Marauder. She took a hit from its particle cannon, but her return fire was devastating and blew off one of its legs. She didn’t get time to savor her victory though. As the Marauder was crashing down into the dirt, Yulia’s own Marauder took another medium laser hit from the nearby Archer.

Giselle continued to back away from the battle, but all three Davion ’Mechs turned their attention towards her. She fired off a flight of missiles at the Valkyrie. The thirty-some warheads that hit blasted away armor from the light ’Mech and damaged one of its arm actuators. Then the return fire rocked her Catapult. A particle cannon melted away armor and then explosions from forty missiles forced her to work hard to stay upright. As the noise died down, she noticed her cockpit alerting her that her entire left arm missile pod was gone.

Yulia, meanwhile, decided to keep pushing forward to join Yun and Huan behind the enemy lines. She tried to give Giselle some support by hitting the Archer’s back with her particle cannon and autocannon, but was surprised by its rear-facing lasers searing lines across her armor and missed with her large laser.

With her Catapult in shambles, Giselle fired her jump jets to finish her withdrawal. The remaining Capellan March Militia ’Mechs then turned their attention on Yulia’s Marauder. Luckily for Yulia, the particle cannons and lasers fired in her direction went wide in part due to the heat levels they were operating at. She took a few missile hits, but then blasted away some of the Archer’s armor with her particle cannon and autocannon. After that exchange of fire, she throttled up and left the Davion line behind her.

The Outcome

With Yulia, Yun, and Huan broken through the Federated Suns defensive line, the St. Ives Lancers secured a victory. They would now be able to launch an assault on the headquarters of the Capellan March Militia. The militia were left holding the field of battle so that they could claim salvage from the battle.

St. Ives Lancers

Damage Report

Yulia’s Marauder has taken damage to its armor.

Giselle’s Catapult has taken damage to both its armor and internal structure. It has lost its entire left arm.

Yun’s Wolverine has taken damage to its armor.

Huan’s Griffin has taken damage to its armor.


The St. Ives Lancers spent 300 WP to participate in the scenario, and then earned back 200 WP for achieving the Push Through objective.

They converted 129 WP to 387 SP for repairs and rearming.

  • 75 SP for armor repairs to Yulia’s Marauder
  • 195 SP for armor and internal structure repairs to Giselle’s Catapult
  • 5 SP for a ton of LRM 20 ammo for Giselle’s Catapult
  • 55 SP for armor repairs to Yun’s Wolverine
  • 55 SP for armor repairs to Huan’s Griffin

That puts their current warchest at 871 WP.

Capellan March Militia

Damage Report

Clementine’s Marauder has been left immobile. It took damage to both its armor and internal structure, its right leg was blown off, and its large laser was destroyed. She also took a point of damage.

Jessica’s Warhammer has taken damage to its armor. She also took a point of damage.

Edward’s Archer has taken damage to its armor.

Jack’s Valkyrie has taken damage to its armor and has a damaged upper arm actuator in its right arm.


The Capellan March Militia spent 300 WP to participate in the scenario. They earned back 100 WP for achieving the Hold the Field objective.

They converted 462 WP to 1,386 SP for repairs, recruitment, and resupply. Knowing that an assault was coming, they wanted to make sure they could field as many ’Mechs as possible to avoid losing Glentworth.

  • 45 SP to repair René’s Phoenix Hawk
  • 550 SP to purchase a new Shadow Hawk SHD-2D for Peter
  • 90 SP for medical treatment for Peter
  • 100 SP to hire a new MechWarrior: Oliver (4/6)
  • 600 SP to purchase a new Rifleman RFL-3N for Oliver

That puts their current warchest at 238 WP.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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