Red King 12: Ringworld of the Red King

After crossing the planar bridge to reach the Red King’s demiplane, both warbands eventually reached a ring-like space that was overrun with demonic soldiers. Four demons in red cloaks wandering the ring were tethering the connection between the demiplane and the ruins of Felstad. In order to save the world, those demons would need to be destroyed.

Upon reaching the ring, the two wizards realized that a mirror copy of the outside existing on the inside of the ring. Two of the robed Key-Masters were on the inner side, so Vladimir led his warband through the steps to transfer themselves to that side while Vivian stayed on the outside. Once crossing over, Vladimir hit the nearest Key-Master with a bone dart and Liam hurt it even more with a crossbow bolt. Then Narcissa devastated a group of demon soldiers with a casting of Planar Tear.

Vivian’s warband had less luck. She hurled an Elemental Ball at a nearby group of demons, but failed to hurt any of them with the fiery blast. Shani did manage to hit the Key-Master she targeted with her crossbow though.

The demons quickly counter-attacked. Scrap had to fend off three demon soldiers. The construct was damaged by one of their attacks, but hit back hard against the other two and they blinked away. On the other side of the ring, Giovanna fell to a crossbow bolt.

As more demons manifested, Vivian blasted one of the soldiers that Scrap had injured. Then Vladimir used Bone Dart to eliminate the first of the Key-Masters. Katya and Dorina managed to finish off another demonic soldier, but then a group of five new demons manifested right in front of Vivian’s warband. Things were suddenly looking bad for the elementalist.

Shani fought off one of the two demon soldiers fighting her, but Katya and Anya both fell to the newly arrived demons. Then as Vivian tried to move away from that threat, she took a critical hit from a demon’s crossbow bolt and went down. Even on Vladimir’s side of the ring, things weren’t going smoothly. He attempted to cast Fleet Feet on Franchesca, but fumbled the spell and ended up slowing her down instead.

With her friends falling all around her, Dorina managed to finish off the Key-Master, but then she was cut down by the closing in demon soldiers. Shani, Kari, Magnus, and Rosaline slipped through to the inside of the ring to escape since there were fewer demons to contend with on that side. Meanwhile, Sabastian finished sneaking around the battlefield and charged a third Key-Master, but wasn’t able to hurt it.

Vladimir’s warband had circled the ring’s interior and brought the fight to the remaining Key-Master on the inside. Rodrigo charged into hand-to-hand combat with it while Mila, Narcissa, and Vladimir tried to fight off the demonic soldiers.

Magnus fell in combat buying time for Rosaline to move away from the nearby demons. Rodrigo finished off the Key-Master he was fighting, but then fell to a critical hit from a demon soldier. Sabastian was killed by the last Key-Master, and then Vladimir rushed the Key-Master but instead of attacking it grabbed ahold of the thread of energy it was tethering and disappeared. Mila rushed forward and attacked the Key-Master, but it managed to push her away.

With the battle looking desperate, Rosaline charged the last Key-Master, raised her staff, and then crushed its head with a critical hit. The last tether linking the Red King’s demiplane to Felstad blinked out, and the world was saved!

Vladimir emerged from the space between worlds and found himself in the ruins of Felstad again. Soon, the fractures ripping through reality ceased. He realized that the attack on the Red King’s realm had been a success and the invasion was over. He remained in the area for several days, but no one else from the warbands returned to Felstad.

Vivian’s Warband

  • Vivian Flameborn (killed by demons)
  • Rosaline the Apothecary (saved the world; trapped in the demiplane)
  • Kari the Archer (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Magnus the Captain (killed by demons)
  • Shani the Demon Hunter (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Anya the Javelineer (killed by demons)
  • Scrap the Large Construct (destroyed by demons)
  • Dorina the Thug (killed by demons)
  • Sabastian the Treasure Hunter (killed by a Key-Master)
  • Katya the Woman-at-Arms (killed by demons)

Vladimir’s Warband

  • Vladimir Darkbringer
  • Narcissa the Apprentice (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Yelena the Apothecary (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Liam the Demon Hunter (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Rodrigo the Man-at-Arms (killed by demons)
  • Mila the Mystic Warrior (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Margot the Ranger (trapped in the demiplane)
  • Franchesca the Thief (killed by demons)
  • Lionel the Thief (killed by demons)
  • Giovanna the Thug (killed by demons)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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