Red King 11: The Bridge

After their disastrous attempt to destroy the pylons pulling apart reality, Vivian and Vladimir decided that their last hope was an assault on the Red King’s realm. A planar bridge was connecting that realm with the ruins of Felstad, but it was guarded by a force of demonic soldiers, so the wizards would have to fight their way through.

Both Vladimir and Vivian rushed into the fight. Vivian’s Elemental Bolt, Shani’s crossbow, and Kari’s bow all missed. Katya moved up to put herself between the demon and the rest of the warband. Meanwhile, Magnus led the other half of Vivian’s warband toward the middle of the battlefield. On Vladimir’s side, his entire warband targeted the closest demon, but they failed to take it out. Then a shimmering planar barrier formed across the battlefield just in front of the warbands. Somehow the Red King was creating barriers to prevent them from reaching the planar bridge.

After the barrier appeared, both warbands continued to try to fight through the demonic warriors. Vivian’s warband managed to harm the demon they were fighting, but it just blinked a few feet away and was still in the fight. On the other side of the battle, Mila fell to one of the demon’s strikes and then Liam went down to a crossbow bolt fired through the planar barrier.

The veil of unreality then shifted closer to the bridge giving the warbands a chance to push forward. Vivian’s warband finally took down the demonic soldier in their way, and then she cast Elemental Bolt to take down a demon with a crossbow. With more demons closing in, Magnus and the collegium porter formed a front line in hopes of slowing down an approaching demon wielding a massive axe. Meanwhile, Sabastian and Dorina picked up two pieces of treasure and rushed for the bridge that had now been left unguarded by the demons rushing towards the fight.

On Vladimir’s side of the battle, he was leading his warband towards the bridge, but they were contending with a handful of demons that had joined the battle. His zombie servant perished buying some time, and Lionel was locked in combat with a demonic warrior.

As the barrier shifted again, Vivian’s warband continued to make good progress against the demons. Katya cut down one and Magnus took down another. Only two of the Red King’s soldiers remained between them and the bridge, and Sabastian had already snuck around to reach the passageway between realities. On the other side of the battle, Giovanna had also reached the bridge and Lionel somehow managed to finish off the demon he was fighting.

The next shift of the planar barrier opened the way for most of the warbands to reach the bridge. Only Lionel, Rodrigo, and Narcissa were left on the wrong side of it. Vivian’s collegium porter tried to take out one of the remaining demons, but was cut down in melee. Then Magnus and Katya rushed over the fallen construct and finished off the demonic soldier. Rodrigo then fell to a critical hit. Margot then fell holding back a demon so that Narcissa would have time to reach the bridge.

As the planar barrier shifted again, Vivian led her warband across the bridge and toward the realm of the Red King. Not long after, Vladimir’s warband finished crossing as well.

Vivian’s Warband

  • Vivian Flameborn
  • Rosaline the Apothecary
  • Kari the Archer
  • Magnus the Captain
  • The Collegium Porter (destroyed by demons)
  • Shani the Demon Hunter
  • Anya the Javelineer
  • Dorina the Thug
  • Sabastian the Treasure Hunter
  • Katya the Woman-at-Arms
  • Scrap the Large Construct (the Porter’s reanimated remnants)

Vladimir’s Warband

  • Vladimir Darkbringer
  • Narcissa the Apprentice
  • Yelena the Apothecary
  • Liam the Demon Hunter
  • Rodrigo the Man-at-Arms
  • Mila the Mystic Warrior
  • Margot the Ranger
  • Franchesca the Thief
  • Lionel the Thief
  • Giovanna the Thug

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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