Red King 8: Planar Sinkhole

Pursued by the forces of the Red King following the sudden invasion, both Vivian and Vladimir began to seek out safe haven. Unfortunately, there was little safety to be found in the ruins of Felstad as storms of reality warping magic raged through the city and demonic soldiers prowled the streets.

The two warbands eventually converged on a part of the city that seemed relatively calm. As they approached, they found a null vortex that was keeping the the reality storms at bay. While the area offered safe haven from the Red King, the vortex drained away the energy of the spellcasters and nullmen, strange creatures that radiate anti-magic, soon emerged from the vortex.

Wanting to claim some treasure to use against the Red King, Vivian decided to charge towards the vortex. Shani and Kari both attempted to down nullmen at range, but had no luck hitting the creatures. That meant that Magnus and Dorina ended up having to close to hand-to-hand combat to keep them occupied while others went for the treasure.

On the other side of the vortex, Vladimir’s warband moved in as well. Liam managed to take out one of the nullmen with his crossbow, and then Margot’s shot wounded another.

The nullmen closed in to attack both warbands. Magnus tried to fight off the one he had charged, but took a critical hit and went down. Sabastian was trying to escape with a treasure, but got pinned down by another nullman. Hans moved in to help out and downed it with his halberd. That let Sabastian start to pull away. In order to protect Vivian, Shani closed in with the nullman that had taken down Magnus.

On Vladimir’s side of the battle, two nullmen approached Katya and Lionel who were trying to claim a treasure. In order to let Lionel get away, both Margot and Liam joined the fight to take out the two creatures.

With a nullmen still in front of her, Vivian and Shani moved to take it out. With Shani aiding her, Vivian cut down the creature with her sword. That ensured that Sabastian would be able to get the treasure he had recovered to safety, and let Vivian start to withdraw from the danger of the vortex.

Nearby, a new nullmen emerged from the vortex. Hans positioned himself to protect Abigail and Rosaline so that they could claim another piece of treasure. When the creature charged forward, it met a quick end on Hans’s axe.

At that point, another nullman emerged from the vortex, but at this point, both warbands had claimed their treasure and were withdrawing. They were able to escape the area before any more nullmen could close in to attack.

Vivian’s Warband

  • Vivian Flameborn
  • Abigail the Apprentice
  • Kastor the Apothecary
  • Rosaline the Apothecary
  • Kari the Archer
  • Magnus the Captain
  • Shani the Demon Hunter
  • Hans the Infantryman
  • Dorina the Thug
  • Sabastian the Treasure Hunter

Vladimir’s Warband

  • Vladimir Darkbringer
  • Narcissa the Apprentice
  • Yelena the Apothecary
  • Liam the Demon Hunter
  • Mila the Mystic Warrior
  • Margot the Ranger
  • Annabelle the Thief
  • Franchesca the Thief
  • Lionel the Thief
  • Katya the Woman-at-Arms

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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