Red King 5: The Demons and the Mad Man

Following their disruption of a barbarian summoning ritual, both Vladimir and Vivian began to track a seemingly insane wizard who had emerged from one of the demonic portals. Soon enough, they had both located this man and set out to capture him.

Once she realized that her rival was also after the man, Vivian moved to capture him as quickly as possible. She cast Leap to toss Dragomir towards the man. Vladimir, knowing he had to act quickly, cast Fleet Feet on Annabelle so that she could try to prevent Dragomir from carrying him off. Unfortunately for Annabelle, Kari lined up a shot as she rushed forward and took her out of the fight with a single arrow.

While their masters confronted each other, Abigail and Narcissa moved towards each other one alleyway over in an attempt to claim other treasure in the area.

Vivian tried to dissuade the necromancer’s followers by hurling an Elemental Ball at them, but she failed to take out any of them. Then Vladimir cast Fog to limit the effectiveness of his rival’s spells. Stuck on the wrong side of the conjured fog, Dragomir managed to knock the madman out cold, but before he could pick him up, Margot was there to fight him.

Soon, several demonic soldiers approached the skirmish. They seemed to be hunting both Vivian and Vladimir, but luckily they were not on good terms and the two small bands began to fight one another. Reality snapped shortly after they showed up and all but one of them were shunted to the other side of the battle.

Victoria managed to line up a shot at Gabriel on the edge of the billowing wall of fog and scored a critical hit to take down the other demon hunter.

Mila joined Margot in an attempt to wrest the madman away from Dragomir, but he managed to fend them off with some help from an elemental attack from Vivian. Unfortunately one of the demonic soldiers moved in and locked him into hand-to-hand fighting again.

Victoria came to his rescue and caused the demon to teleport away by wounding it with her great axe. That let Dragomir drag his captive to the other side of the fog while Victoria and Vivian continued to fight. The demonic soldier charged into battle with Vivian. Victoria tried to join the fight, but fell to a crushing blow from the demon’s mace.

At this point, Vladimir’s followers had claimed two treasures and the odds of him regaining control of the unconscious madman were dwindling. He and his apprentice started to withdraw from the fight. Vivian, having defeated the demon fighting her, moved up and tried to prevent their escape with an elemental attack, but it failed to take out Narcissa. The necromancer’s apprentice then fired back with a casting of Bone Dart that landed a critical hit on Vivian and knocked her out.

Despite her fall, Vivian’s warband was then left in control of the battlefield. They captured the mad mage and claimed two other treasures.

Vivian’s Warband

  • Vivian Flameborn (now suffering from a smashed jaw)
  • Abigail the Apprentice
  • Kastor the Apothecary
  • Kari the Archer
  • Victoria the Demon Hunter (killed by a Hrut)
  • Hans the Infantryman
  • Dragomir the Man-at-Arms
  • Alaric the Thief
  • Dorina the Thug
  • Sabastian the Treasure Hunter
  • Shani the Demon Hunter (new hire)

Vladimir’s Warband

  • Vladimir Darkbringer
  • Narcissa the Apprentice
  • Yelena the Apothecary
  • Gabriel the Demon Hunter (killed by Victoria)
  • Mila the Mystic Warrior
  • Margot the Ranger
  • Annabelle the Thief (killed by Kari)
  • Franchesca the Thief
  • Lionel the Thief
  • Katya the Woman-at-Arms
  • Annabelle the Thief (new hire? Vladimir is a necromancer after all…)
  • Liam the Demon Hunter (new hire)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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