Red King 3.1: Vivian and The Veil of Unreality

Following her warband’s not very successful raid on a barbarian campsite, reality had shifted and Vivian’s warband was trapped away from her safe haven. Pursued by barbarians, they needed to wait for the veil of unreality to recede so that they could escape. To make matters even worse, two of her warband members had died from their wounds and her apprentice Abigail was in bad enough shape that she needed to avoid any combat.

As her warband approached the veil of unreality, Vivian split her group. She took Dragomir, Kari, and Kastor with herself. Olga and Hans took up a position on the right flank, and Sabastian took the left flank. Her hope was that this would allow them to cover her escape and possibly pick up some treasure as they hurried back to safety. Unfortunately, two foulhorns were closer than she thought and both side groups were soon stuck in hand-to-hand combat against the beasts. Meanwhile, barbarians were catching up too.

As Vivian’s group moved forward towards the receding veil, things started to look desperate. Sabastian was taken down by a critical hit. Olga and Hans managed to slay the foulhorn they were fighting, but then they both fell to the approaching barbarians along with Dragomir.

Vivian, Kari, and Kastor grouped themselves in an elevated ruin, but by this point they were too outnumbered to have much hope. They took out another barbarian, but soon fell in combat against the remaining barbarians and foulhorns.

Luckily, Abigail who had been avoiding the battle due to her wounds managed to wait for the barbarians to move on and then help get the injured warband members to safety. Once back to their base, they rested and other than Dragomir have fully recovered. To replace lost members, Vivian has hired Victoria the Demon Hunter and Alaric the Thief.

Vivian’s Warband

  • Vivian Flameborn
  • Abigail the Apprentice (now recovered from her wounds)
  • Kastor the Apothecary
  • Kari the Archer
  • Hans the Infantryman
  • Dragomir the Man-at-Arms (badly wounded by the barbarians)
  • Olga the Thug
  • Sabastian the Treasure Hunter
  • Victoria the Demon Hunter (new hire)
  • Alaric the Thief (new hire)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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