Red King 2: Investigations

Following their encounter with barbarians on their previous outing, both Vladimir and Vivian decided to track down those raiders in order to figure out why the barbarians are gathering treasures from throughout the city. They soon tracked that band of barbarians back to a large tent circled with piles of stones where the barbarians had hidden recent findings. During preparation for their raid on the barbarians, Vladimir unfortunately botched his casting of Awareness, and the pair of necromancers also failed to cobble together a zombie in advance.

With the barbarians unaware of the warbands, both groups started off the encounter on a stealthy approach towards the tent. Vladimir managed to create a zombie servant, Vivian hid an explosive rune amongst the ruins, Beatrix created a wall of billowing fog to allow her to venture closer to the tent. Abigail attempted to cast Enchant Weapon on Hans’s axe, but failed her attempt.

On the next round, both warbands moved carefully to stay out of sight of the barbarian sentries. Gabriel, Vladimir’s demon hunter, tried to shoot Hans but missed. Vivian used Leap to get her archer Kari to a nice spot for shooting once the fighting started. Vladimir used Fog on his side of the tent to let more of his warband move to investigate the buried loot. Abigail succeeded in her attempt to enchant Hans’s axe, but the necromancer’s apprentice failed to cast anything. Annabelle and Camilla in Vladimir’s warband both searched the closest stone piles and recovered some valuables. On Vivian’s side, Sabastian and Elsha started to move wide around the edge of the battlefield in order to flank Vladimir’s warband.

As the third round started, both wizards could feel some sort of magical pressure building as if reality was strained. Vladimir cast Fog again to further hide his warband from the barbarian sentries. Seizing an opportunity, Vivian threw caution to the wind and cast Elemental Ball in an attempt to take out Beatrix and a few soldiers near her. She managed to hurt two of them, but didn’t do as much damage as she was hoping to. Then Beatrix moved forward to cast Bone Dart at the elementalist which knocked her out of the fight. From her raised vantage point, Kari put an arrow in to Beatrix. Hans and Dante both investigated barbarian stashes, but found only foul smelling refuse. Now alerted to the warbands, the barbarians rushed to attack with sentries charging and engaging Beatrix, Dragomir, and Katya in hand-to-hand combat.

Then the building pressure released with a deafening clap as reality shifted around the battlefield. The warbands routes back to their strongholds were now unclear with the surrounding city now looking different.

With the situation descending into a chaotic three way battle, Vladimir summoned a cloud of insects to surround Roland since he was standing close to Abigail and Hans. On the other side of the tent, Dante fought back the barbarian threatening Beatrix so that she could cast Bone Dart at one of the barbarians. Abigail tried again to hit Vladimir with Elemental Ball, but failed to cast it. Roland and Hans meanwhile charged forward to engage the necromancer and his soldiers. Sabastian began to chase after Annabelle who was carrying treasure away from the battle. Dante fell to the barbarians, but Dragomir and Katya managed to hold their ground.

In danger of being overwhelmed by the barbarians storming out of the tent, both warbands started to move to escape. Beatrix took out a newly emerging barbarian with Bone Dart and then fell back into hiding. Abigail got off a successful casting of Elemental Ball that took out Yelena and left Vladimir wounded. Elsha charged from Abigail’s side to try to finish off the necromancer, but she was pushed back and then bogged down in melee with his zombie. Gabriel, Dragomir, and Katya all fell to the attacks of barbarians.

Elsha and the zombie managed to score critical hits against one another and both fall to the ground. Vladimir then used Bone Dart to remove Abigail from the battle. Sabastian continued his pursuit of Annabelle while everyone else focused on fleeing from the barbarians.

Soon, barbarians started to catch up with Sabastian and Annabelle. They fought their way free, but more barbarians were closing in. After another round, Annabelle went down dropping the treasure she was carrying. Sabastian wasn’t able to pick it up though because he was too busy fighting off the berserkers. Then Vladimir, Beatrix, and Mila managed to make it off the board and end the game.

It had been a vicious battle with the barbarians threatening both warbands. Out of the five treasures buried around the barbarian tent, Vladimir recovered two while Vivian only claimed one. Abigail and Yelena were both left badly wounded while Elsha and Roland died from their wounds. To make matters worse, the shift in reality has left both warbands lost in the ruins of Felstad and unable to quickly reach their bases to rest and recover.

Vivian’s Warband

  • Vivian Flameborn
  • Abigail the Apprentice (badly wounded by a bone dart from Vladimir)
  • Kastor the Apothecary
  • Kari the Archer
  • Hans the Infantryman
  • Dragomir the Man-at-Arms
  • Elsha the Thief (killed by the zombie)
  • Olga the Thug
  • Roland the Thug (killed by Mila)
  • Sabastian the Treasure Hunter

Vladimir’s Warband

  • Vladimir Darkbringer
  • Beatrix the Apprentice
  • Yelena the Apothecary (badly wounded by Abigail’s fire ball)
  • Gabriel the Demon Hunter
  • Mila the Mystic Warrior
  • Camilla the Ranger
  • Annabelle the Thief
  • Dante the Thief
  • William the Tracker (now recovered)
  • Katya the Woman-at-Arms

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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