15 – The Mausoleum

After our battle at the steam vents, our wizards decided to explore an ancient mausoleum. For this scenario, there would be six skeletons around the mausoleum at the beginning of the game and a new one spawning at the end of each round.

Before the game, we had decent luck with our spellcasting. My apprentice finally managed to summon a new snow leopard, so I dismissed the second thief I had hired to make room for the new animal. I also brewed a Potion of Invisibility to add to my vault. My wife’s wizard and apprentice both successfully cast Awareness.

Because this scenario has six treasure tokens, we were each aiming to secure three of them. My druid would be leading a group with my my apothecary, man-at-arms, bear, and demon hunter to claim the two treasures close to the mausoleum near my side. My apprentice was going to take my archer, thief, and snow leopard to claim the treasure on the left. For the treasure on the right, I only sent my treasure hunter towards the treasure. Unfortunately, my wife decided to go for the treasure on my left too, and she was able to use telekinesis to pull the treasure towards her.

My wizard’s group managed to clear out the skeletons nearby and open a clear path to those two treasure, while my wife’s wizard accomplished the same thing on her side of the mausoleum. My treasure hunter though was all alone on the right side and started moving towards that treasure.

I tried to contest the left treasure by petrifying my wife’s thief and then took her down with a lucky shot by my archer. Her apprentice just pulled the treasure further towards her side of the board with a second casting of telekinesis. At that point, I decided to use my group on that side of the board just to help secure the other treasures rather than trying to continue contesting the one on the left.

Once my wife had claimed three treasures, she decided to fall back off the board. I hadn’t picked up any treasures yet, so I had to move quickly to have my soldiers grab them before her warband escaped. Luckily, I managed to pick up all three before her wizard and last soldier left the board and ended the game.

After the game, we both got decent results for our treasure rolls and managed to have all of our wounded soldiers fully recover. My haul was a wand of light, 2 scrolls, and 340 gold coins. My wife got a magic crossbow, a grimoire of Enchant Armor, and 150 coins.

The Druid’s Warband

  • Audric Silverbeard the Druid (+3 levels: +1 Will, improve Brew Potion, learn Bridge)
  • Roslin the Apprentice
  • Nils the Tracker (now recovered)
  • Dimitri the Archer
  • Diego the Treasure Hunter
  • Red the Demon Hunter
  • Raven the Apothecary
  • Albrecht the Man-at-Arms
  • Lucia the Thief
  • Boris the Thief (dismissed)
  • Jarl the Bear
  • Fenris the Wolf
  • Tiberia the Snow Leopard (newly summoned)

The Trickster’s Warband

  • Freya the Trickster (+2 levels: improve Mind Control, learn Absorb Knowledge)
  • Ophelia the Apprentice
  • Emilia the Ranger
  • Ronald the Ranger
  • Keima the Mystic Warrior
  • Jack the Demon Hunter
  • Dany the Woman-at-Arms
  • Sean the Man-at-Arms
  • Scarlet the Assassin
  • Anabelle the Thief
  • Thaddeus the War Hound (now recovered)

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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