Pemka the Artificer

Pemka apprenticed under one of the finest enchanters in the southern kingdoms. From a young age, she learned to work metal and weave magic. Unfortunately, her master fell out of political favor and was executed before she could finish her studies. Pemka found herself exiled and without a patron to help her establish a new workshop.

She wandered the south for years, honing her skills and selling her services where she could. When she heard of the riches available in the recently thawed ruins of Felstad, she decided to head to the frozen north in hopes of finding enough treasure to no longer need to work for others and perhaps to learn the lost techniques of ancient enchanters of Felstad.


Pemka’s spell repertoire is focused on being able to weave enchantments to aid her followers. In battle, she primarily focuses on casting Enchant Armour, Enchant Weapon, and Elemental Hammer on her soldiers to make them as effective as possible. Then, after battle she can use Embed Enchantment to make enchantments cast during battle permanent. She can also cast Dispel to remove spells cast by enemy wizards or Explosive Rune to restrict the movement of enemies. Outside of combat situations, she can make use of Brew Potion to gain access to a wide range of magical effects not covered by her spell knowledge. She can also cast Reveal Secret to ensure her warband is able to find the most valuable treasures in the ruins of Felstad.

  • Brew Potion – Witch 14
  • Dispel – Thaumaturge 16
  • Elemental Hammer – Elementalist 12
  • Embed Enchantment – Enchanter 14
  • Enchant Armour – Enchanter 8
  • Enchant Weapon – Enchanter 8
  • Explosive Rune – Sigilist 12
  • Reveal Secret – Soothsayer 16


A few years ago, while wandering the southern kingdoms, Pemka took on Oran as an apprentice. He has a talent with enchantment magic and has proven to be a useful assistant during their journeys together. In battle, he focuses on his reliable spells like Enchant Armour and Enchant Weapon to bolster his allies.


Pemka has hired several soldiers to accompany her and Oran. She has hired a knight and man-at-arms to serve as her warband’s muscle and they make good targets for her enchantment magic. For ranged combat, she has hired a tracker. The remainder of her warband is a mix of thugs and thieves.

  • Knight
  • Man-at-Arms
  • Thief × 2
  • Thug × 3
  • Tracker


When Pemka casts Transcendence, she extracts the techniques of Felstad’s long dead enchanters and unlocks the ability to craft a wide range of magical wonders.  

Wednesday Wizards is a series of posts that I’m planning to write for the next few months. Each entry will present a wizard for Frostgrave Second Edition with background, spell selection, soldiers, and their goal in exploring the city. These wizards and warbands could be used as-is to start a new campaign or serve as inspiration as you build your own wizard.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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