Ilian the Archivist

Ilian has always been interested in history. He’s fascinated by the passage of time, how one event leads to another as cause and effect ripple across the eons. He also recognizes that how history is recorded is just as powerful as what actually happened.

When he heard of the thawing of Felstad, Ilian knew that the city could be pivotal to the world’s future. He felt a need to journey to the city to observe what happens there and ensure that it is recorded in the most favorable ways.


Ilian prefers being well prepared for his excursions into the frozen city. Before heading into danger, he can cast Familiar to conjure an owl and Reveal Secret so that his warband can recover more valuable treasure. Then after outings, Absorb Knowledge helps him learn more than normal from each outing and Write Scroll lets him be better prepared for his next outing with more reliable spellcasting during battle.

When in battle, Ilian uses his spells primarily to assist his hired soldiers. Telekinesis allows him to move treasures to more advantageous positions for his soldiers to retrieve them. With Furious Quill, he can distract enemy soldiers – especially archers and crossbowmen. Then he can use Heal to help any of his soldiers that are injured.

  • Absorb Knowledge – Sigilist 12
  • Familiar – Witch 14
  • Furious Quill – Sigilist 10
  • Heal – Thaumaturge 10
  • Reveal Secret – Soothsayer 16
  • Telekinesis – Enchanter 12
  • Teleport – Illusionist 12
  • Write Scroll – Sigilist 12


Pelana has been studying under Ilian for several years. She appreciates his devotion to his studies, and she works diligently to support him. During excursions into the city, she focuses on casting Telekinesis to help secure valuable treasures and Heal to keep their hired soldiers in fighting condition.


Ilian has hired a somewhat motley assortment of mercenary soldiers. He keeps an apothecary and a templar near him at all times to ensure his own safety. A treasure hunter meanwhile is tasked with quickly snatching the most valuable treasures. The remainder of the warband is a collection of thieves and thugs that fill whatever role is needed for a given skirmish.

  • Apothecary
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Templar
  • Thug × 3
  • Thief × 2


When Ilian casts Transcendence, he leaves the world behind and becomes an extraplanar observer who can see anywhere and anywhen as history unfolds. He gleefully skips around the timeline of the world watching cause and effect and finally having a chance to see how all the pieces of history fit together.

Wednesday Wizards is a series of posts that I’m planning to write for the next few months. Each entry will present a wizard for Frostgrave Second Edition with background, spell selection, soldiers, and their goal in exploring the city. These wizards and warbands could be used as-is to start a new campaign or serve as inspiration as you build your own wizard.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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