Elias the Recluse

Elias has never really liked humanity. It’s not that he hates other people, he just dislikes being around them and they remind him that he is stuck in a fragile and aging body. Magical constructs on the other hand fascinate him. He has studied them for years in hopes of mastering their creation.

When rumors reached Elias that the ruined city of Felstad had been rediscovered, he knew that he needed to travel there. He had read countless tomes talking about enchanters from the ancient city who had a level of mastery over constructs that had been lost to the world since the city’s destruction. This was his chance to unlock those ancient mysteries and reach true mastery over artificial life.


Elias hopes to master the magic of creating and controlling constructs. Before his first excursion into the ruins of Felstad, he and his apprentice will both attempt to create medium constructs to serve them. When in a battle, his first priority is seizing control of other constructs. He can also hinder opponents by casting Curse on them or forcing them to drop treasure with Fool’s Gold. When a more direct approach is needed, he can use Grenade to attack enemies. For defense, he can cast Wall to cut off routes through the city’s narrow streets and use Heal when he or one of his human companions is injured. After battles, he is able to cast Absorb Knowledge to accelerate his research into constructs.

  • Absorb Knowledge – Sigilist 14
  • Animate Construct – Enchanter 10
  • Control Construct – Enchanter 12
  • Curse – Witch 10
  • Fool’s Gold – Illusionist 14
  • Grenade – Enchanter 10
  • Heal – Thaumaturge 12
  • Wall – Elementalist 12


Elias is accompanied by his apprentice Mia. She has studied under Elias for years and serves him loyally. She assists in his attempts to create new constructs and helps his warband when they encounter trouble in the ruins. She favors casting Curse, Grenade, and Heal in battle.


Elias has hired a motley assortment of mercenaries for his expeditions into the ruins of Felstad. A man-at-arms, infantryman, and crossbowman form the core of his fighting force. An apothecary meanwhile stays close to Elias to provide a healing potion if the enchanter is injured. A pack mule, a thief, and a pair of thugs fill out the band. The thugs are first in line to be dismissed when Elias and Mia successfully animate some constructs.

  • Apothecary
  • Crossbowman
  • Infantryman
  • Man-at-Arms
  • Pack Mule (Thaw of the Lich Lord)
  • Thief
  • Thug × 2


When Elias casts Transcendence, he moves his soul into a specially prepared construct body so that he can leave behind his mortal form. From then on he can study in isolation without interruption or worry that his body will fail him.

Wednesday Wizards is a series of posts that I’m planning to write for the next few months. Each entry will present a wizard for Frostgrave Second Edition with background, spell selection, soldiers, and their goal in exploring the city. These wizards and warbands could be used as-is to start a new campaign or serve as inspiration as you build your own wizard.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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