Vivian Flameborn

Vivian Flameborn lives for adventure. When she heard tales of an ancient city thawing and treasure-hunting wizards dueling in its streets, she gathered her friends, hired a few mercenaries, and journeyed northward to seek fortune and glory.


Vivian specializes in fire magic. In combat, she prefers a direct approach of unleashing heat rays, fireballs, and raging infernos to incinerate her enemies. When a target isn’t immediately available, she’ll use Explosive Rune to leave a trap to burn them later. If she needs to tie up an opponent, she can conjure an imp as a distraction. She also has a few spells to aid her allies, but she prefers to have her apprentice cast Fleet Feet and Enchant Weapon so that she is free to fight her enemies head on.

  • Combat Awareness – Soothsayer 16
  • Destructive Sphere – Elementalist 12
  • Elemental Ball – Elementalist 12
  • Elemental Bolt – Elementalist 12
  • Enchant Weapon – Enchanter 10
  • Explosive Rune – Sigilist 14
  • Fleet Feet – Chronomancer 12
  • Imp – Summoner 12


Abigail has adventured at Vivian’s side for years. Where Vivian prefers to dive headfirst into the action, Abigail takes a more cautious approach. In battle, she prefers to make use of support magic, but can still throw destructive blasts of fire across the battlefield when threatened.


Vivian’s core followers are a set of close allies who each fill a different role in her warband. A treasure hunter leads her warriors into battle, an archer provides covering fire, a trap expert seeks out treasure, and an apothecary stays close to Vivian to help heal her inevitable injuries. She has then hired a mix of thieves and thugs to fill out her band of followers.

  • Apothecary
  • Archer
  • Thief × 2
  • Thug × 2
  • Trap Expert (Into the Breeding Pits)
  • Treasure Hunter


When Vivian casts Transcendence, she takes her band of friends to a new plane of existence offering fresh adventures, new luxuries, and more things to burn.

Wednesday Wizards is a series of posts that I’m planning to write for the next few months. Each entry will present a wizard for Frostgrave Second Edition with background, spell selection, soldiers, and their goal in exploring the city. These wizards and warbands could be used as-is to start a new campaign or serve as inspiration as you build your own wizard.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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