AGE Fantasy Age

Age of Terror: The Hidden

Hidden are demons who are able to shift out of phase with reality in order to exist on the border between the world and the Ether. When visible, they resemble bald humanoids with large eyes, distended bellies, and long claws on both their hands and feet, but they spend most of their time invisible to mortals. When on Sanctuary, they wait in the Ether watching for mortals who are unlucky enough to wander too closely. The Hidden’s ability to spread terror has made them one of Diablo’s favorite varieties of demonkind.


Abilities (Focuses)
2Constitution (Stamina)
4Dexterity (Stealth)
3Fighting (Claws)
2Perception (Seeing)
3Strength (Intimidation)
SpeedHealthDefenseArmor Rating
WeaponAttack RollDamage
Special Qualities

Favored Stunts: Taunt and Quick Fade

Demonic Hide: A Hidden’s demonic hide gives it an armor rating of 3.

Etherwalking: A Hidden can phase out of or into the world as a free action at the beginning of its turn. While it is phased out, it is invisible and immaterial. A phased out Hidden cannot make attacks or interact with the world, but it can see and hear the world normally. Only magical attacks can harm a Hidden that is phased out. A character attacking a phased out Hidden can perform a special stunt called Ether Strike for 3 stunt points that allows them to inflict normal weapon damage but substitutes Willpower for Strength or Perception.

Quick Fade: A Hidden can use a special Quick Fade stunt for 3 stunt points when making an attack. This stunt allows it to phase out immediately after finishing its action.

Slashing Claws: A Hidden can make two attacks with its claws as a single major action. Both attacks can generate stunt points.

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By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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