AGE Fantasy Age

Living Bomb

Inspired by Final Fantasy and the Fourth of July, I’ve created a living bomb monster for Fantasy Age. They are elemental creatures of fire and destruction that resemble fireballs with malicious grins that drift through the air trailing tendrils of black smoke. Living bombs revel in spreading fiery destruction throughout the world. When their lives are threatened, they focus their energy in order to go out in a final destructive blast.

Living Bomb

Abilities (Focuses)
1Fighting (Slam)
1Strength (Intimidation)
SpeedHealthDefenseArmor Rating
6 (14 Fly)20142
WeaponAttack RollDamage
Special Qualities

Favored Stunts: Ignite, Mighty Blow, Skirmish

Ignite: A living bomb can set a target of its slam attack on fire as a stunt that costs 2 SP. A burning character takes 1d6 penetrating damage at the start of each of their turns until they or another character use a minor action to put out the flames.

Final Destruction: If a living bomb has 10 or less Health at the start of its turn, it gains an energy counter. If a bomb has one energy counter, then it radiates heat that deals 1d6 penetrating damage to any character within 2 yards at the end of its turn. If it has 2 energy counters, that distance increases to 4 yards. If it has 3 energy counters, it destroys itself in a fiery explosion at the end of its turn dealing 3d6 penetrating damage to all characters within 6 yards. A character who makes a TN 14 Dexterity (Acrobatics) test instead takes only 1d6 penetrating damage from the explosion.

Living Flames: A living bomb takes no damage from fire and has an Armor Rating of 2.

The unfriendly fire icon used in this post is by Lorc under CC BY 3.0. It is available at

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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