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My Gaming Table

For some time, I’ve wanted a dedicated gaming room with a nice game table, but I didn’t have a spare room in my house. When I moved from Seattle to Raleigh, that changed. We were able to get a house with a spare room thanks to the lower real estate prices, and so my dream of a game room could become a reality.

My gaming bookshelves and my miniature display case were the only furniture from our old house that got earmarked for the game room, so it was initially pretty empty. I started shopping around for a table and realized that I wasn’t sure what I wanted yet, and any of the dedicated gaming tables seemed to have at least a few months between ordering one and having it delivered. I ended up buying a 4′ × 4′ folding table to have something to start playing on and we also got a Kallax shelf from Ikea to allow us to move our board games out of a bedroom closet and into the game room.

My next step was deciding which fancy table I wanted to order. I initially looked at Carolina Game Tables and Board Game Tables as possibilities. I play a variety of games but in particular I wanted the table to work well for big wargames like Warhammer 40,000 in addition to board games and role-playing games. That meant I was looking for a table that could accommodate a 4′ × 6′ playing area. Carolina Game Tables didn’t have a table with a recessed play area that big – the Tablezilla’s play area is only 3′ × 6′. That would mean that while I could play most games on the play surface, for a full Warhammer table I’d need to play on the covered table instead. Board Game Tables had the option to get a 4′ × 6′ playing area. While I wasn’t ready to order at that point, I was leaning towards a table from Board Game Tables.

Then I stumbled upon another option – Table of Ultimate Gaming. They had done a kickstarter for a table that had more features than Board Game Tables and came in a 4′ × 6′ size. It seemed like it could be a good match for what I wanted, but I was a bit skeptical of it being a kickstarter-funded company. I’ve seen enough kickstarters flounder or deliver below expectations that I wanted to wait and see some backers getting their tables before I ordered. Luckily, it seemed like their fulfillment was moving along and customers were getting their tables, so I decided to order one of their black Elite 4.6 tables at the end of September with an expected delivery sometime in January.

My table was delivered towards the end of February. There hadn’t been much in the way of status updates during the months between ordering and its arrival, but when I had reached out to customer service they had replied quickly with the information that they did have. The table itself arrived in several shipments: the four boxes for the main table arrived one day, the table tops another day, and the cupholders the next week. I’m still waiting on one part of my order – a dice tray. Hopefully that will arrive soon.

My wife and I assembled the table over the next few nights. The directions were good and assembly was pretty easy, but we had to work around our daughter’s sleep schedule since the game room is near her bedroom. The only frustrating part of assembly was the fuzzy tape that goes into the storage slots for the table toppers – it was easy to have it stick to the wrong places while trying to put it into the narrow places under the table where it is supposed to go. The table is similar to Ikea furniture for assembly with wooden pegs and bolts holding it together. The table top is laminate while the body and legs of the table are wood.

The Elite series of table comes with some nice features. My favorite is that the table tops slide into the body of the table for storage and can double as pull out side tables. The side table feature has been great to hold things out of the way of the main game such as miniatures that haven’t been deployed yet. The other big feature is that the depth of the play surface is adjustable. I initially built my table with the deeper option, but I’m planning to adjust to the shallower option to see which I prefer. The table also has integrated power outlets and a line of accessories, such as the cupholders and dice tray, that attach to the rim of the table.

One thing that is tricky with the table is that the body of the table with storage for the table tops plus the raised rim of the table makes it thick. While my table is dining table height, sitting in a normal chair with the table rim built for a deeper play surface makes the top of the table a little higher than ideal. At the same time, I think the bottom of the table is low enough that it wouldn’t really accommodate higher chairs. That is why I want to try out the shallower play area option and see if that height feels a little better when sitting.

Overall, I’ve been quite happy with my table during my first month with it, and I’m glad to have made the purchase.

Ready for a game of Warhammer 40,000

Update 6-April-2019: Today I adjusted the table to the shallow depth. I was able to make the adjustments by myself, but I’d recommend having a helper to make it a little easier. The shallow play depth definitely makes the top of the table a more comfortable height for sitting in my 18″ stools.

My table at the shallow depth setting.

Update 10-April-2019: My dice tray arrived today, so my order is now complete. Like the cupholders, it attaches to the edge of the table.

Table of Ultimate Gaming Dice Tray

Update 2-December-2021: Since I wrote this post, Table of Ultimate Gaming appears to have gone bankrupt. I’m still happy with my table, but if you’re looking to get a table for yourself, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Both Carolina Game Table and Board Game Tables still seem to be options.

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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I, too have this game table and have been looking to get dice trays when I found out about the company. Do you mind sending me the dimensions of the dice trays so I can fabricate them myself? Or do you know of other options?

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