2013 in Review

Here are some highlights from Glimm’s Workshop in 2013:

Most Popular Posts

These five posts received the most views in 2013. Both the virtual table and dice probabilities posts were also on last year’s list of popular posts. The character themes post is old (posted 16 May 2011), but seems to have gotten a resurgence in traffic during the past year. The other two posts in the list are reviews of relatively recent games.

My Favorite Posts (That Didn’t Make The Top 5)

These posts from this year didn’t make the top five list based on the number of views, but they are some of my favorite posts for the year.

Top Referring Sites

These are the top five referrers to the site this year. The list is similar to last years with a few ordering changes and Google+ replacing

Top Searches

These are the top ten search terms that ended up resulting in visits to my site this year. There must be a lot of people out there looking for maps and map tiles.

  • d&d virtual table
  • iron kingdoms careers
  • d&d map
  • relic knights
  • dungeons and dragons maps
  • virtual d&d
  • d&d tiles
  • d&d maps
  • dungeons and dragons tiles
  • old dark elder models

By Scott Boehmer

A game enthusiast and software engineer.

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